This will be the place where I’ll link all my blogtober posts for easy ~temporary~ access. For now, here are the topics you can expect, sort of in the order in which I plan to publish them, but this order might definitely change! Scroll down if you’re interested in my Blogtober 2020 and 2019 posts, or if you’re just looking for inspiration!

Blogtober 2021

  1. October most anticipated releases
  2. My September wrap up and October TBR
  3. Fall 2021 Bucket List
  4. Spooky Scary Skeletons Tag: Part 3!
  5. How I edit my pictures for Fall
  6. Books I want to read before 2022
  7. How I decorate for Fall
  8. Favorite magic systems
  9. Bookish cover quiz
  10. Books I hardly talk about
  11. Review of Lovely, Dark and Deep
  12. Five reasons why Fall is great
  13. Popular books I haven’t read
  14. Theme Thursday: Vampires in literature
  15. Books with extraterrestrial life
  16. Why fall sometimes sucks
  17. Fictional creatures I want to read about
  18. A day in my life
  19. Cozy autumn book tag
  20. Books with non-human characters
  21. Fall Bath & Body Works haul
  22. Autumnal recipe
  23. Books on my wishlist
  24. Books I want to reread
  25. Fall decor haul
  26. Things to do on a rainy day
  27. Books with time travel I liked
  28. Favorite Standalone Books
  29. October book haul
  30. October wrap up
  31. Halloween tag

Blogtober 2020

  1. My Most Anticipated October Releases
  2. My October TBR
  3. My Fall 2020 Bucket List
  4. Comparing last year’s TBR to now
  5. Decorating for Fall
  6. Five Book Covers that Give off Fall Vibes
  7. Spooky Scary Skeletons Tag: part 2
  8. My Favorite Fall Reads
  9. Fae Friday
  10. Bookish Pet Peeves: part 2
  11. Books I Want to Read Before the Year Ends
  12. My Favorite Autumnal Body Sprays
  13. These Violent Delights – Spoiler Free Review
  14. The Enola Holmes Book Tag
  15. Reasons to Love Fall
  16. Kingdom of the Wicked – Spoiler Free Review
  17. How to Use HTML Codes to Style Your Posts
  18. The Cosy Autumn Book Tag
  19. Halloween In Quarantine? Here are some tips!
  20. TTT – Books I Read Because They Were Recommended
  21. The These Violent Delights Book Tag
  22. American vs. Dutch Halloween Culture
  23. Fae Friday- Time to Celebrate!
  24. Most Lovable Book Villains
  25. Required Reading: Outdated or Not?
  26. Bookstagram Showcase – Beginning to Now
  27. Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie: the most haunted places in the Netherlands
  28. September and October Book Haul
  29. October Reading Wrap Up
  30. The Most Detestable Book Villains
  31. It’s my Birthday! The Birthday Book Tag

Blogtober 2019

  1. My Most Anticipated October Releases
  2. My October TBR
  3. My Favorite Fall Reads
  4. Fall Drinks I Want to Try
  5. How to get out of a book slump
  6. Book Covers That Inspire Autumnal Feelings
  7. My Favorite Fall Props
  8. Tag Tuesday: Spooky Scary Skeletons
  9. Arc Review of Salvaged
  10. My Favorite Reading Spots
  11. Full Disclosure: my entire TBR
  12. The World’s Most Haunted Places
  13. My Favorite Creepy Reads
  14. My Favorite Halloween Movies
  15. My Favorite Book Stores
  16. How to Throw a Halloween Party
  17. Theme Thursday: the best battles in books
  18. Nightmare Before TBR readathon update
  19. My Bookish Pet Peeves
  20. Fictional Worlds I Want to Visit
  21. Authors I Want to Meet
  22. My Bookish Birthday Wish List
  23. Meet My Cats!
  24. Throwback: USA trip 2002
  25. Ninth House Review
  26. The Halloween Book Tag
  27. The History of Halloween
  28. Book I want to read before the year ends
  29. September + October Book Haul
  30. October Wrap Up
  31. 25 Facts about Me