Books on my Birthday Wishlist

Hello book friends! It’s been a while since I posted. I was going to do Blogtober every day, I had even planned out the schedule, but my energy levels dipped so low. I didn’t the motivation to even open my laptop. But this is an easy enough post to write!

My birthday is coming up super soon, and I want to ask my parents for a couple of books from my Wishlist. Or money, which I will then use to buy books from my wishlist myself. There have been a lot of great book releases lately, and I haven’t bought a single one of them yet! Partly because I wanted to wait until my birthday, but also partly because I am broke lol. So let’s see which books are on my wishlist right now!

Kingdom of the Cursed

By Kerri Maniscalco

This book isn’t quite out yet, but it will be right in time for my birthday! I’m really excited to read it because Kingdom of the Wicked was one of my favorites of last year, and I got to read an ARC, so the wait was long. Also since this is the second book, I know there will be a massive cliffhanger at the end.

Once Upon a Broken Heart

By Stephanie Garber

I really want the UK hardcover of this book, and luckily the Dutch Amazon actually has it in stock. So, let’s hope it’s still in stock when it’s my birthday so I can finally buy it. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about this one, and I’m super excited to dive in.

These Hollow Vows

By Lexi Ryan

I always claim I don’t like love triangles, and yet I read them all the time when they’re set in a fantasy book?? Not sure what’s going on in my brain there. Anyway, this book has sounded great to me since I first discovered of its existence at the beginning of the year. It’s been out for a while now, but I really want that hardcover. Especially now that I’ve heard lots of people talking about it and how much they liked it.


By Rebecca Coffindaffer

I’ve talked about this book so often, I don’t think any of you are surprised that this one is on my wishlist too. I always won’t repeat myself too much, just know that I love this series, am sad it’s only two books, and that every one of you who likes YA sci-fi should go and read it.

The Bronzed Beasts

By Roshani Chokshi

I’ve actually read this one already, but don’t own a copy yet. I only just recently got The Silvered Serpents, finally, so now I obviously need to complete the set. This series is honestly great, but to be honest, I’m a little on the fence about the ending of this book. It has a trope I don’t particularly like, so that was a bummer. Either way, still love these books, and especially the characters!

And that’s it! I have more books on my wishlist, but these five are the ones that are top priority for me. Obviously this list was for my birthday, but do you have a bookish wishlist lying around somewhere? Maybe you’ve already thought about what to ask for Christmas? Definitely let me know which books are on your list!

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