My Favorite Bookish Magic Systems

Hello book friends! Do you read a lot of books with magic? I certainly do! I love a good magic system, and I give out bonus points for ones that are totally unique. So let’s take a look at some of my favorites!

I feel like a lot of the magic I read about is based on the elements, which I like, but I have a couple magic systems for you that I think are pretty unique. At least, I haven’t encountered other books yet where the magic worked more or less the same. Let me know at the end of this post if you’ve read any of these series and what your favorite magic systems are!

The Final Empire – Mistborn

By Brandon Sanderson

Starting this list with Mistborn. I really like this magic system because instead of being based on the elements, it’s based on metal. A lot of other magic systems are fueled by things one can find in nature, but in the Mistborn series the characters use metal alloys in order to access their power. Each metal has a different magical property, so a character can push or pull on metal, enhance or subdue emotions, and so on. I think it’s pretty unique and well thought out!

Truthwitch – The Witchlands

By Susan Dennard

The magic in the Witchlands novels is based on the elements, but what I find unique with this particular magic system is that not everyone is equally powerful. For example, even though they both command water, there is still a big difference between a Tidewitch and a Waterwitch. Plus, in this magic system void magic also exists. I only recently caught up with this series, and I love how well thought out the magic system is. The history and degrees of the magic really make it unique.

Foundryside – Founders Trilogy

By Robert Jackson Bennett

Foundryside was one of my favorite novels I read last year, and it’s partly due to its magic system. Though, I have to be honest… I truly do not understand it. The magic in this series is kind of a cross between magic and technology. Basically one can use coded commands to transform everyday objects into sentient beings. It’s honestly quite complicated, but that didn’t dampen my enjoyment of this series. Recently a release date for the final book has finally been announced, and I’m so excited!! I have a full review for this book here!

Ashes of the Sun – Burningblade & Silvereye

By Robert Jackson Bennett

I read this book not too long ago, and it was totally not what I expected. Mostly, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I have a full review here if you’re interested! The magic here is actually quite simple, but I’m adding it because it has magical lightsabers, which is dope. One of the MCs, Maya, wields this magic in name of the Twilight Order: a force tasked with ensuring that no one uses unsanctioned magic. The second book comes out the 19th of this month, and I’m super excited to read it!

The Gilded Wolves – The Gilded Wolves

By Roshani Chokshi

And finally, I have to mention the Gilded Wolves. The magic in this series is known as forging, and like with Foundryside, it took me a minute to understand it. There are many things one can do with forging, like bringing life to inanimate objects or hiding something in plain sight. It’s one of those magic systems where the lines between magic and technology are quite blurred. But I’ve really come to enjoy this series and its magic, and I am very excited to read the final book, the Bronzed Beasts soon!

And that’s it! As you can tell I really love a good magic system. I don’t even mind if they’re super complicated, just give my magic! What are your favorite books featuring unique magic systems? Let me know!

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