My Favorite Reading Spots

We all have that one particular spot that is our absolute favorite place to read, right? I certainly do! But sometimes it’s nice to venture out and seek out other comfy spots with a good book.

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Reading spot #1: my bed!

Okay so my all-time favorite, and most used, reading spot is my bed. It’s big, it’s comfy, I can accidentally fall asleep… It’s especially the best place to read before going to sleep, as you’re already in bed anyways. As someone who still lives with her parents, my bedroom is my retreat, and I spend most of my time there. My books are all in here as well, so obviously this is where I read the most. I would really like a big, comfy armchair later to read in, but for now that is not going to fit. I have a cute little storage couch at the foot of my bed, but it’s not comfortable at all. Would not recommend reading there.

Reading spot #2: my backyard!

When I do make it out of my room with a book, a good reading spot for me is in our backyard whenever the weather is nice. We have a nice deck in the back with comfortable chairs, and it’s always shaded, so I won’t completely burn when I read out there. My goal for my future apartment is to have a little balcony so I can continue reading outside as much as possible!

Reading spot #3: the beach!

This last reading spot is really limited to vacation time, but I love reading on the beach. I can tan and read at the same time! This past vacation in Puerto Rico I took my e-reader with me everywhere, and I got a lot of reading done at the sandy beaches. Also I think the sounds of the ocean are very soothing and great as a background noise.

To be honest, I can read pretty much everywhere! I can even read a little in the car. One time I nearly missed my metro stop because I was so engrossed in the book I was reading. But with that said, My favorite places to read will always be my bed and the outdoors.

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