Nightmare Before TBR Readathon Updates

This is the first time ever that I’ve participated in a readathon, and I thought I’d give y’all a little update on how that’s going! In this post, I’ll talk about the books I’ve read, and which ones are still on my TBR, and hopefully, make a prediction on whether I can even finish eight books this month..

The prompts again:

What was on my TBR:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas
    – Evil to good: Archenemies
  • Beetlejuice
    – Read a book with a haunted place/person: Tunnel of Bones
  • 9
    – Read a dystopian book: Golden Son 
  • Edward Scissorhands
    – Read a book with an isolated/lonely character: Salvaged
  • Sweeney Todd
    – Read a book with a murder: Capturing the Devil
  • Corpse Bride
    – Read a book based in another world: Evermore
  • Dark Shadows
    – Read a book with black on the cover: Morning Star or Ninth House
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    – Read a childhood favorite: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince/the Deathly Hallows

Edward Scissorhands – Salvaged by Madeleine Roux

The first book I read for this readathon was an arc of Salvaged by Madeleine Roux, which the publisher sent to me to review. This review is by now live and running, and you can find it here! I read this book super quickly and was really proud of that, but is also helps that I really enjoyed it and that it was a fast paced story.

Beetlejuice – Tunnel of Bones by V.E. Schwab

I finished Tunnel of Bones on the same day that I finished Salvaged, and I was honestly quite impressed with myself. This book was honestly lovely. I thought it was a lot spookier than City of Ghosts was, because in this book we’re dealing with a poltergeist and tensions run very high. This book was really enjoyable, and I hope the third book in this series will be just as great. I wonder where it will take place?

9 – Golden Son by Pierce Brown

I read Red Rising this summer and I was instantly obsessed with this series. It’s so, so good. But this book emotionally destroyed me. Everything went so well, and then… well, it didn’t. I really hope that Morning Star will mend my broken heart somehow, but for I’m not ready yet to continue reading.

Fun fact: one of my store managers is also obsessed with this series and even has a Red Rising tattoo, so at least I have someone nearby that understands my pain.

Dark Shadows – Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

I’m still reading this book. It’s our Barnes & Noble book club book for this month, and I honestly might go when we host the actual event. I’m really enjoying it so far, but I will say it’s very different from anything that Leigh Bardugo has ever written. Obviously one could expect that, since this is an adult novel, but still. My store and I do wholeheartedly agree that this book is definitely not for a younger audience. I hope to have this one finished this weekend!

So… what are the plans?

I think I’m doing fairly well considering my work schedule of the past month. I haven’t watched any of the movies yet, but I’m planning to watch all of them at once or spread out over two days. Will probably make a blanket fort too. I’m looking forward to reading what’s still left on my TBR!

Have you ever participated in a readathon? How did you do? I’m really enjoying participating, because for now I’m actually sticking to what’s on my TBR!

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