Five Book Covers That Give Off Fall Vibes

Hello book friends! So far going strong with Blogtober, and today I’m doing a simple post I actually do every year… Book covers that give off Fall vibes!

I truly believe that some book covers were just made with Fall in mind. Like how there are also covers that are made for Winter, or Spring or Summer. But I think of all of these, Fall book covers are my favorite! The colors are always gorgeous, and they always make me want to curl up in front of the fire place (even though I don’t have a fire place). Last year I got the inspiration for this post from Jennie Ly, so I’ll mention her here too!

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Chain of Gold book cover

Chain of Gold

By Cassandra Clare

Obviously this one had to make the top of the list. I mean, look at those leaves! This is truly a cover that makes you want to read the book in the Fall. Except it came out in March, and since I have no self control whatsoever, I immediately read it. I do not entirely regret that, but the wait for the next book is still pretty long.
Uprooted book cover


By Naomi Novik

This is one of those books that inspires Fall feelings inside and out. The cover reminds me of late Fall when the leaves have truly fallen off their branches and Winter is at your doorstep. I know this post is about book covers, but the story inspired Fall feelings for me too! If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend reading it now.
The Priory of the Orange Tree

The Priory of the Orange Tree

By Samantha Shannon

For this one I’m going purely based on color. But look how pretty this cover is! The colors, the dragon, everything!! The oranges and yellows on this cover are definitely colors you can also see in the trees. Not related, but please read this book if you haven’t yet! It’s not as intimidating as it seems:)
An Enchantment of Ravens book cover

An Enchantment of Ravens

By Margaret Rogerson

I used this one last year as well, but this book screams “Fall” from all angles. The colors of the covers definitely spark those Autumnal feelings in me. The story itself is actually also centered around Fall, since one of the MCs is the Autumn Prince. I wasn’t too impressed with the story, though, to be honest. It was enjoyable but didn’t blow me away. But, I absolutely loved Rogerson’s Sorcery of Thorns!
The Falconer book cover

The Falconer

By Elizabeth May

This one gives me Fall vibes both because of the cover, and the fact that I somehow always associate Scotland with Fall. I don’t really know why, though. But anyway, the colors are definitely autumnal to me! I’ve been intrigued by the premise of this book for a long while, but I still haven’t picked it up… But hopefully soon, because I’ve heard from trusted sources that it’s a great series!

There you go! Five covers that give off Fall vibes. Have you read any of these? Aside from the Falconer, I’ve read them all! Let me know what you’re favorite autumnal read is!

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