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It’s another tag! I love seeing all these original tags pop up. Especially now that I’m actually “with it” and have read/watched most of what these tags are about… This time I’m doing the These Violent Delights Book Tag!

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If you haven’t thought about ordering/reading These Violent Delights yet, uhm, you probably should. I’ve reviewed it already, and you can find that review right here!

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Juliette Cai

Favorite fierce, bloodthirsty heroine

Hmm I think this is going to be a toss up between Mia from the Nevernight Chronicles and Jude from the Cruel Prince. I like Mia because she’s very crude and vengeful, and because the Nevernight Chronicles are adult books, there is a lot more on page violence than in The Folk of the Air. But on the other hand I find Jude easier to relate to. Can I just say both??

Roma Montagov

Favorite soft boi

I just now realize I hardly ever read books with actual soft bois. They’re always 10% soft boi, 90% sarcasm and knives. But anyway, I think my favorite is Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer! He’s so pure and innocent. Even when he deserved to be angry, he never was.

The Scarlet Gang

A popular book you just couldn’t get into

Oh lord please don’t kill me for this… But I still haven’t really gotten into An Ember in the Ashes. Somewhere deep in my mind I know that I will enjoy this series. However every time I’ve picked up the book I read three chapters and pick up another book. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but by now I think I’m accidentally about halfway through the book. At this rate I’ll finish it next year, haha.

The White Flowers

Your favorite underrated read

Not sure how underrated these books are in real life, but I’ve never seen them on any book platform I’m active on, but my answer is the Touched by an Alien series by Gini Koch. These used to kind of be guilty pleasure reads for me, but I’ve decided to no longer believe in that, so now I’m telling you all about this series. The first book is so cheesy, but as the series goes on the plot gets so thick.


Favorite book set somewhere far away from where you are

I’ve been very far west (California), and I’ve been very far south (South Africa), but I haven’t been very far north or east! I think I’m gonna go with the Silvered Serpents. This book takes place somewhere in Siberia, which I think is far away enough from the Netherlands.


A book featuring a monster/monstrous character

I just finished A Heart so Fierce and Broken, so A Curse so Dark and Lonely was the first book that popped in my head. I didn’t think I would like yet another Beauty and the Beast retelling, but I totally did. And then I liked A Heart so Fierce and Broken even more. Now I can’t wait for A Vow so Bold and Deadly!

The Madness

A book that you would choose to keep you company during quarantine

Can I say my e-reader? No? Bummer. I think I’d choose The Way of Kings, because it’s huge and maybe if I only have this book available I’ll finally finish it. I’m almost halfway through! But I also haven’t read from it in about three months…


Your favorite book featuring political intrigue

100% Red Rising. As a political scientist, this entire series was just so fascinating to me. Many points were made. If I were instead and English Lit major, I’d probably write my dissertation about this series.

Benedikt and Marshall

A ship you wish would just get together *just kiss*

I say I love slow burn romances, but I always start screaming *just make out already!!* by like… chapter five. Anyway, there’s only one answer possible to this question, and it’s Nikolai and Zoya. I thought I shipped Alina and Nikolai, but after reading King of Scars I had to amend my position.


A book that makes you weak in the knees

For sure A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet. This is the first book in a paranormal romance trilogy, so honestly I should’ve expected it to be heavy on the romance. But I still couldn’t bring myself to read this book in public.

Bonus question: ripped out throat

A cliffhanger that made you want to rip out your own throat

I never mind cliffhanger all that much if the rest of the book was good, too. But when that made me a little upset was the cliffhanger in Aurora Burning. It’s one of those cliffhangers where you know the next book will pick up half a second after where the last book ended. And of course I read Aurora Burning when it came out, so I have a long wait still.

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