Things to do on a Rainy Day

Happy Tuesday book friends! We’ve been having plenty of rain lately, though ironically enough, today is quite nice. Either way, the rain will always return, and sometimes it’ll ruin your plans. So here are some things to do on a rainy day when boredom threatens to strike!

I tried to come up with things you can do by yourself or with someone else. Of course we can all read all day when it’s rainy out, but we all know that never works out. I myself always end up continuously scrolling through Twitter and get maybe two hours of reading done, total. So this list won’t include reading as an activity, because ~duh~ we’re all aware of books here.

Let me know what your go-to activities on a rainy day are!

Try a new recipe

You might need to venture to the grocery store for this one, but trying out a new recipe will for sure keep you occupied for a while. I always have plans to bake something new, but I’ve yet to actually do so. Since it’s fall, I’ve been meaning to practice making pies. I’ve seen pictures of beautiful lattice work and I want to try that, too!

Play a game or make a puzzle

This can be any game, of course. Board games, video games, you name it. I personally love playing Mario Kart on rainy days, and recently my mom and I have been getting into puzzles. I bought a really nice one featuring North American landmarks that we still need to make. So I will definitely pull that one out the next time there’s a rainy day and I have nothing to do!

Head to a museum

When I still lived near D.C., and friends would come over, we would always save the museum trips for rainy days. Of course we were extremely privileged with free museums, but even for a small fee museums can be incredibly fun and educational! My favorite museums in D.C. were definitely the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum! I’ve visited both quite a lot of times.

Clean out that space you’ve been meaning to

Sounding like my mom here. “Oh you’re bored? You can clean your room!” But really, a good clean is great for the mood, and rainy days are the perfect days to start organizing. Every now and then it just feels so good to go through all my stuff and throw out (read: donate) what I no longer use. I recently cleared out my closet and had two huge garbage bags full of clothes to donate to our local thrift store! The only things I never throw out are my books lol. Never.

Organize your Pinterest

Not sure how many of y’all have a Pinterest, but I certainly do. I use it to share my blogposts, and I’ve started posting my bookstagram reels there, too. Of course I also use it to save tons of ideas. I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but I’ve started to make a Christmas decor board. I always want to go with a certain theme, and I think this year I will try a natural look. Lots of wood and dark greens. Creating boards is for some reason a very soothing activity for me, and I can scroll through Pinterest for hours!

Reorganize your books

Unless you’re happy with the way they look now, of course. But I know many people want to experiment with different ways to display their books. Depending on the amount you have, reorganizing your shelves can take quite a while! I am currently quite happy with the way I have my books displayed. The only order there is to them is that they’re sorted by height and target audience. I personally don’t like alphabetical because it would look too chaotic for me, and I know exactly which books I own and where I put them anyway. You can actually check out my post on how I organize my shelves!

That’s all for now! I tried to keep these ideas low-budget, too. Most of us (me) are broke because we buy too many books. What do you like to do on a rainy day?

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