Meet My Cats! Bogey and Bandit

I honestly can’t believe I never made a post about my cats in all my time of being a blogger! My mom really wanted a cat after our dog died in 2013, but my dad isn’t a cat person. So obviously we compromised and got two cats. In this post I’ll tell you all about them!

Wee little kitties

The litter Bogey and Bandit came from with momma cat

This is a picture of the entire litter with mom! They were all born in the summer of 2013. Bandit is the gray one in the middle and Bogey is the one being held in a chokehold by mom I believe.

We got to pick them up eight weeks after they were born! Like I said, my dad didn’t really want cats, but we allowed him to pick out the names. We wanted matching names because they’re brothers, so he came up with Bogey and Bandit. They’re air force code for an “unidentified flying something” and “an enemy.”

Bogey and Bandit as wee little kitties

When they were young they slept together like this all the time! It was great because they still fit in every little crook and gap in the house. No they’re big and chonky and it doesn’t work like that anymore.

The metal thing you see next to them is a chicken and they used to fit in there together. Now only Bandit might be able to squeeze himself in.

Bogey and Bandit as slightly bigger wee little kitties

Here they are a little bigger, but they still love sleeping together! I’m pretty sure this pillow is now an entirely different color thanks to the sheer amount of hair it accumulated over the years.

More about Bogey

Bogey in a santa hat

Now let me tell you some more things about my kitties separately! Bogey is the more inquisitive one of the two. He loves people and will definitely be in your face all the time. He is the kind of cat that will drape himself over your laptop when you’re trying to do work. I know this because he’s done it. Repeatedly.

He’s also the big chonky one of the two. Since we moved to Virginia they’re no longer allowed outside. There is too much traffic, and there are wild animals that would love a little kitty-shaped snack. But it did make my cats a little fat, whoops. But no fear! He is very active around the house and loves chasing the red dot! He also loves sleeping all day though…

My favorite thing about Bogey is that over the years he’s become a cuddle bug. He loves sleeping on your lap, or just against your leg. He also actually replies to his name! We always have entire conversations.

Another fun fact is that he’s obsessed with watermelon. You can’t eat any without also giving him some.

More about Bandit


Bandit is also a cuddle bug, but only when he feels like it. If there are new people in the house, it is a whole miracle when he actually shows himself. Letting himself being pet by strangers is close to impossible. But he still loves sleeping on our beds! He has an extremely loud purr, too.

Despite being smaller than Bogey, he is actually kind of clumsy. I’m always surprised when he manages to jump on a high platform. He also always instigates play fights with Bogey but always loses. When he’s in a spot that Bogey wants to be in, he always lets himself be chased away.

He is a very consistent cat in that he always sleeps in the same spots. But sometimes he’ll discover a new place to nap and we have to search for him. When we just moved houses we couldn’t find him for hours and thought he had escaped. It turned out he had crept into my closet where I had a crate of blankets. Mystery solved.

My favorite thing about Bandit is that when he really wants attention, he will rub his face against your face. Most of the time it’s cute. Sometimes it kind of hurts.

Funny faces

I wouldn’t be a good cat mom if I didn’t include some funny faces in here…

Bandit sitting like a human
Bogey regretting his decision to climb this tree very much
I don’t even know what’s going on here
Bogey pretending to be Christmas lights

I hope you enjoyed reading about Bogey and Bandit! Do you have any pets? What are their names?

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