My October 2021 Most Anticipated Releases

Happy October everyone! I hope you’re all ready to get spooky this month. Not in this post though, this post is just about the books I’m looking forward to coming out.

I have five on my list this month, most of which didn’t make my original 2021 most anticipated releases post when I wrote it back in December 2020. Oh well, it’s not like my TBR is out of control or anything… Anyway, let’s check out my October 2021 most anticipated releases!

Blood of the Chosen

By Django Wexler

Expected publication: October 5

Starting this list off with Blood of the Chosen. This is the sequel to Ashes of the Sun, which I read not too long ago. I picked it up randomly after The Story Graph recommended it to me, and I ended up really enjoying it. You can actually find my review of it here! Anyway, so I’m really excited to read the second installment in this series. Though I wish the blurb said more about what it’s actually going to be about…


By Rebecca Coffindaffer

Expected publication: October 12

If by now you don’t know that I loved Crownchasers when I read it earlier this year, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. I might do a reread before diving into Thronebreakers when it comes out. I’m super excited to see how it’s going to end, and also super sad that this is only a duology. I have no doubt that everything will be resolved, but I already know I want more books set in this world with this set of characters. Seriously, go pick this one up if you haven’t already.

Kingdom of the Cursed

By Kerri Maniscalco

Expected publication: October 26

Still dislike the cover, still excited to read this. I read Kingdom of the Wicked via NetGalley and waiting longer than a year for this sequel has been torture. I think reading about princes of hell is a great way to spend Halloween, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Though I do hope it’ll live up to my expectations. I’m hoping for >400 pages of tensions and deception.

Jade Fire Gold

By June CL Tan

Expected publication: October 12

This one is new to the list. It caught my eye when I was scrolling through Goodreads, and the blurb sounds super interesting. I’ve been reading more books by Asian authors lately, and I’ve been absolutely loving it. Jade Fire Gold has some classical tropes that I enjoy, but I think they’ll get a unique spin in this story. Guess I’ll have to find out and read it as soon as it comes out.

A Shadow in the Ember

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Expected publication: October 19

Omg I seriously love that trope where the big scary murder (death, in this case?) guy turns out to be the complete opposite. I do think that like the other books in this series/world, there’s gonna be 10% plot, 90% other… stuff, but that’s okay. I’m excited to read it and hope the bookstores in my area will actually stock it, because I’ve never seen a single JLA book in stores here. Rude.

And that’s it for my October 2021 most anticipated releases! Which books are you excited for this month? Let me know!

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