Bookstagram Showcase – The Beginning vs Now

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent Saturday carving pumpkins, and Sunday in bed because I had a headache. I didn’t have time for a headache, but it’s fine.

I thought today would be a good day to show you how my Bookstagram has evolved over the years! In September, my account turned three years old, and I’ve gone through many style changes in the meantime. My Bookstagram was also the start of my bookish journey. It was the first bookish account I ever made! But my blog followed soon after.

Let’s take a look at how it all began!

Early Beginnings

First bookstagram pictures

These were my very first pictures on Bookstagram! You can see there is absolutely no cohesion, and my editing skills did not exist. I think I took these pictures with my iPhone, which by then was already two years old (I say that like that makes the phone ancient…). I remember immediately participating in a Bookstagram challenge, though, so I did have inspiration every day!

My first theme!

Here is my first cohesive theme! I started my Bookstagram in September 2017, so as soon as October hit I switched to a Halloween theme. This is also when my shopping addiction at Michael’s started… Pretty much all of the props you see here are from there!

Glitter and Gold

After Fall comes Christmas of course, so I switched themes again. At the time I really liked this aesthetic, but now these are not my preferred colors at all. It’s a little bit too glam and bling for me. Now I like muted neutral tones, mixed with greens and reds!

Never too many flowers

After that I decided to use a ton of flowers. This was back when I had 1000 less followers but received five times as many likes as now, haha. Stupid algorithm. I still really like this theme, but it was a bitch to set up every day and then take down. Sometimes I just left it standing there and switched out the books so it would take less effort. I’m lazy.

Time to experiment

Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating a cozy cottage feel. I think I sorta succeeded because of the flowers, but why are these pictures so yellow?! This theme didn’t last very long, because honestly it did not reflect how I was at all.

Flowers, but spooky

Then came Fall 2018, and you can clearly see how my layouts and editing have changed since the Fall before. Still, a ton of flowers. You can’t even see my floor! Again I still really like this theme, but setting it up every day was just so much work. All these props were on my shelves too, so every times I went to take pictures, I had to take down all the decor and put it back up again.

Less glitter, still gold

Christmas 2018 was basically the same as Christmas 2017, but with slightly better editing skills. Still, that white, gold, and pink is not my favorite anymore. Although these pictures do look a lot better compared to those of 2017, if I may say so myself.

Taking a break

I then went for this theme. I don’t even know what to call it, but I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, this was at a time where I was becoming less active on Bookstagram, and couldn’t bring myself to post every day. So there aren’t as many pictures with this theme. Plus, I kept stealing decor from my mom who didn’t like that all that much…

Renewed Motivation!

Then Summer came along, and I wanted to switch to a lighter theme! I also decided I could put myself in the pictures, which gave my more motivation to be creative. I didn’t own a tripod, so I used to prop up my phone on a huge stack of books!

Time to experiment part 2

I then very briefly played around with these types of edits. Even though the look kinda cool, there is no cohesiveness anymore. So in the end, this particular style didn’t last very long. It was a lot of fun to set these pictures up and spend some time editing them, though!

A less cluttered Fall

Fall 2019 Bookstagram

Then Fall 2019 came along. I really like this theme, because it took absolutely no effort to take pictures, but it’s still very clearly Fall themed. Plus, I love the garland across my shelves. That was truly a moment of genius for me.

And a less cluttered Christmas

Christmas 2019 bookstagram

Christmas 2019 was basically the same as Fall 2019, but with Christmas decor and a different editing style. Again, I really like this theme. It’s less bling and glimmer than what I’ve done before, but still cozy. And I really love my tiny little Christmas tree!

Simple and Clean

simple and  clean bookstagram

Then Christmas ended, and I decided to just keep taking pictures the same way. It’s so super simple, because there are zero props, but I still really like this look. It’s cool and clean. No clutter anymore for me!

My Bookstagram Today!

Bookstagram now

And this is what it looks like today! Some of these pictures are old ones from last year. Because I just don’t have that many books with me here, and all my other books are still in storage. So some of these pics are new, some are old. But I like the way it looks. Plus my new Fall decor is also super cute!

And that’s it! We are getting our stuff on the 21st of December, so I can immediately start unpacking my Christmas stuff. Hopefully that means fresh pictures, and a minimum amount of reposts… Which of my themes is your favorite?

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