Twenty Five Facts About Me!

Happy Halloween readers! Do you have any cool plans for today or tonight? I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before, but today is also my birthday! I’m celebrating with a home made dinner and scary video games, and this Saturday I’m hosting a Halloween party.

Now for today’s final blogtober post I thought it would be cool if I told y’all a little more about me. And since I’m turning 25, here are 25 random facts!

  • In my life I’ve moved four times. Once within The Netherlands, then from The Netherlands to Arizona and back, and then from The Netherlands to Virginia. Soon will be my fifth time moving!
  • My favorite food is cauliflower and I will eat it in any form available. Boiled, grilled, steamed, raw, or fried, it don’t matter none.
  • I have two cats called Bogey and Bandit, and I wrote a post about them. You can find it here!
  • I used to take piano lessons and I still occasionally play. My favorite pieces to play are River Flows In You by Yiruma and the piano adaptation for Schindler’s List.
  • I have a political science degree and failed my political science class in high school, whoops… Don’t tell my future employers.
  • I love listening to 80s rock music. Especially glam metal is my guilty pleasure.
  • I’ve been figure skating since I was 16 and I still can’t do an axel. That’s okay though, because skating is fun!
  • In my life I’ve been to only five concerts. They were Toto, Madonna, Luke Bryan, Diana Ross, and the Piano Guys. Talk about diverse music taste?
  • I would rather walk a mile than parallel park. My driving is okay, but my parking absolutely sucks.
  • I used to love drawing (I still do, but who has time for that?) and I definitely went through a phase where I only drew anime style. Now I mostly play around with designs for my first tattoo!
  • I can sing fairly well, but I would rather die before I sing in front of people.
  • I’m a horrendous cook, but I can bake fairly okay. One of my best friends and I would always spend hours in the kitchen baking treats and cakes for my Halloween parties. It was always so much fun!
  • My favorite colors are shades of blue and green, but you can’t tell by my wardrobe. 80% of my clothes are all black and gray.
  • When I was younger I used to read only chick-lit novels, and then only on vacation. How far I have come since those days…
  • My go-to drink at home is green ice tea. I love the Arizona green tea and ginseng one!
  • I used to have a horrible sweet tooth, but that went away pretty much completely. Now just give me all the salt!
  • I get hurt in very stupid ways. I once fell off the roof, dislocated my pinky finger by walking into my younger brother, and last year I broke my arm because I slipped in a puddle.
  • If you go back to fact number 12, you’ll probably laugh at me when I say that I took cooking classes for a pretty long time. They were held in my city’s community building and I still have all the recipes. Maybe I should try one again soon.
  • My favorite fruits are strawberries and raspberries and I will 100% eat an entire container if left alone with one.
  • I graduated high school twice because I leveled up. So I have two high school diplomas! I also have an associate’s degree, now a bachelor’s degree, and soon a master’s degree! I’m collecting all the degrees.
  • My favorite holiday is obviously Halloween, but as soon as that’s over I always go full Christmas as soon as possible. I just love Christmas too!
  • I used to have a Bernese Mountain dog called Moos, and my dream is to one day have another puppy. Maybe not a Bernese though. There’s way too huge for me alone.
  • One of my best friends is the reason I started Bookstagram and blogging! You should definitely check out her page; Oh My Book Blog.
  • I used to read the last page of a book first. Now I avoid spoilers like they’re the plague.
  • And for the last of today’s facts: Before I decided to study international affairs, I wanted to join the Air Force! I went to all the open days and information sessions as well. I was always doubting between intelligence officer and pilot. Now I’m sorta glad I chose the path I did.

And that’s all! I hope y’all now know a little more about me than before. Let me know if you recognize yourself in any of these facts about me. I love meeting people with which I have interests in common!

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