Home Inspiration – How I Decorate for Fall

Even though I hate rain, I love Fall because of all the coziness and the lovely decor. I love decorating my room for each season, so I thought I’d make a post about it!

In the U.S. I would always get my Fall decor at Michael’s, Homegoods, or Joanne’s. I seriously miss those stores around here, because they always had such lovely stuff. Especially their themed decorations were so fun! Here in the Netherlands, we have Fall decor in stores too, but it still doesn’t compare. Anyway, I’ve combined my American stuff with my Dutch stuff and really like what my room looks like this year, so let me show you how I decorate for Fall!

Obviously my bookshelves are the eye-catcher of my room. I always concentrate most of my Fall decor there. Using command hooks, I string up a Fall-themed garland across the top of my shelves. Doing that here was a challenge, because for some reason command hooks don’t exist here?? Also my shelves are super high and even with a ladder I couldn’t quite reach up. But I finally managed. I believe that this is the garland I used. They’re six feet long, so also a perfect device to measure social distancing with lol.

I then fill up my shelves with other curiosities such as Fall-themed mugs, small pumpkins, pinecones, flowers, and signs! Take a peek below to see my full shelves. Pay special attention to my skeleton yoga pillow on the left, which I love.

Picture of my book shelves with fall decor

I also have this little folding tray thing that I stole from my parents. It is entirely stuffed with Fall decor. I mainly used decor I got in the Netherlands for this one, like my velvet and ceramic pumpkins, the light string, and the pinecones and tiny pumpkins. For my Dutch readers, I got these decorations at Hema, Action and Xenos! Last year they had some great stuff that I obviously couldn’t resist. That pumpkin mug all the way in the top of my shelves is from Hema too! I love that Fall and Halloween decor is becoming more of a thing. I’m planning to do some more shopping next weekend.

Folding table with fall decor

Of course I have candles everywhere, too. I added some blue and orange pillows and blankets to my bed, and called it a day! I don’t have a pic of this, but I also strung up some candy corn colored lights around my headboard. This was a true hassle, because I had to take the old broken ones off, then drag a transformer upstairs so I could get the correct voltage, and the string up the new lights. So yeah obviously they are not coming off when Fall is over lol.

And that’s how I decorate for Fall! Over the month, I’ll also add some more Halloween stuff. The best part of my decorations is that it was all quite cheap to get. Michael’s usually immediately puts their seasonal decor on sale for like 50%, and the Dutch stores already aren’t expensive to begin with. So no need to spend a ton of money to get that cozy Fall look!

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