My Fall Decor – the U.S. vs. Now

I’ve absolutely love Fall decor and decorating my room with it. My mom and I always made yearly trips to Michael’s when we still lived in the U.S. and came home with bags full of stuff. Now that I’m in the Netherlands again, I don’t have the space for a lot of Fall decor, but of course I still did my best to make my room cozy!

I secretly pulled out my Fall decor back in July so that I could decorate my shelves and snap some Bookstagram pics for these months. I wish that by now my parents had a house, so I can set up my shelves again, but alas, it was not meant to be. But I might have them in time for Christmas!

So in this post I’ll show you how I decorated my room in the U.S, and what kind of decor pieces I have in my room in the Netherlands!

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First my Fall decor in the U.S…

Fall decor on my book shelves
Fall decor on my book shelves

As you can see I like leaves, haha. Basically everything you see in this picture I got at Michael’s. Michael’s is great because a lot of their Fall decor is already listed at 50% off even before Fall starts.

I think my favorite piece of decor is my leaves garland, that’s across my shelves. I hung it up by sticking some command hooks to my shelves! Super easy, because I have a Christmas garland too, so I can easily switch them.

I also love my spooky pillow that you can see on the second picture. I saw it and I just had to have it! You can’t see them really well in these pictures, but I have some spooky decor pieces on my rolling cart too. Just some cute bottles with creepy labels!

Even though I can’t decorate for Fall like I’d want to right now, I have high hopes I can decorate for Christmas and show you my merry shelves!

And now my decor in The Netherlands!

Fall decor in the Netherlands

So all the stuff you see here I got in The Netherlands. I was lucky, because even though we do have some Fall decor in stores, it just doesn’t compare to what you’re able to get in the U.S! But I’m happy with what I have, especially my velvet pumpkin! Most of this stuff came from stores like the Action or Xenos, which my Dutch followers would definitely know. I also really like the little filler pieces, like the tiny pumpkins and leaves!

I definitely miss the U.S. stores, but I’m happy with what I was able to find here! Especially because I think I spent less than 20 bucks total on all this decor…

And that’s it! Do you like to decorate for Fall? I can’t wait until I have my own place and I can just have Fall explode all over the place!

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