About Me & Leafing Through Time

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

My name is Simone, your average 20-something-year-old reader. I’m glad you found my blog!

Before starting this blog, I was already involved in the bookish community via Bookstagram. I got inspired to make one when I finally got some decent bookshelves. But I also wanted a place to talk about books more in depth, and thus my blog was born!

I have an educational background in International Relations and Conflict Resolution and currently work for the Ministry of Defense. Aside from reading I also enjoy figure skating and watching ice hockey!

What to expect on Leafing Through Time

I love blabbing about books, and as you read through my posts you’ll notice I have a very laid back writing style. I’m not afraid to throw in some slang every now and then. Basically, I write as a speak. I like this style because I feel like it makes me more real, and not just a voice on the Internet. I want you to feel like you’re reading a long text from a friend!

Leafing Through Time is primarily a book blog. I talk about all things bookish; from reviews, to book tags, to discussion posts. I write monthly wrap ups to tell you what I’ve been reading, and I post new releases so you can stay up to date!

But aside from that, I also like to talk about lifestyle every now and then. So you can also expect some posts about travel, recipes, and how-to posts!

Work with me

Are you an author looking to promote your book? Or maybe you’re looking for reviewers? I would love to work with you! Please check out my review policy