About Me


My name is Simone and I am a 25 year old Dutchie with a serious reading addiction. I have always really loved reading, but since the past 6 years or so my book collection has grown immensely. I have even sacrificed three (!) closets full of junk so I could buy a gigantic bookcase! I already have a Bookstagram account, but Instagram is not really the best platform to be posting reviews (typing walls of text on an iPhone is not ideal), so on this site I will write reviews and post about other bookish things! And more recently, I’ve decided to add some lifestyle themes in here as well!

To get to know me a little more, here are some facts about me:

1. My favorite genres to read are fantasy and science fiction.
2. I never stick to TBR lists.
3. I get super annoyed when books in the same series are not the same size.
4. I have two cats: Bogey and Bandit
5. When I’m not reading, I am usually out figure skating at the rink.
6. I have a BA in Global Affairs and currently working on my MA in Global Conflict.
7. My favorite foods are cauliflower and sushi.
8. My least favorite food is anything that is bland
9. On average I read about 50 books per year.
10. My favorite music genres are classic rock and glam metal!