Books I Want to Reread Some Day

Happy Sunday book friends! On the one hand, me making this post is very funny, because I’ve been rereading a ton this year. So, how many more books could I possibly want to reread?? Well, a lot, apparently.

Really though, of the 70ish books I’ve read so far, 27 have been rereads. I’ve read the Hunger Games, all the Grishaverse books, all the ACOTAR books, and many more. I normally never reread this much, but apparently I was in the mood for it this year. And still there are so many books and series I want to read again! Rereading can be so much fun. There’s always something you missed the first time, and knowing the outcome you actually notice the foreshadowing. Plus, the nostalgia feels are great. So here are a few books/series I want to reread some day!

Vampire Academy

By Richelle Mead

Y’all should’ve seen this one coming, honestly. I talked about Vampire Academy in my post about vampires in literature, too. It’s one of the first longer YA series I ever read, and I really want to revisit the story and get all the nostalgia feels. Maybe I’ll start the reread now, because I’m feeling a little slumpy even though I’m in the middle of like five different books…

All the Shadowhunter books

By Cassandra Clare

This one isn’t all that surprising either. I want to reread all the Shadowhunter books at some point, especially because I haven’t read them all yet. I have Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy and the Bane Chronicles on my shelves, and I’ve had the Red Scrolls of Magic on my e-reader since forever. The only problem is that I haven’t quite decided yet in which order to read them. Partly because I feel like there are gonna be 350358 more Shadowhunter books coming out in the next decade, so that will throw off the order. Watch me finally do a reread when I’m 80.

All the Mistborn books

By Brandon Sanderson

I already read the first Mistborn book earlier this year, but then wasn’t in the mood to read the rest of the series lol. But, I want to reread them all some day, because the next book is coming out next year I think. So it’s now worth it to dive in again. I have quite a decent recollection of what happened in the original trilogy, but remember next to nothing of the next era. So, reread time.

The Raven Cycle

By Maggie Stiefvater

I honestly just want to reread this series because of the vibe. Maybe if I reread it I will feel like I’m living in Virginia again, which is kind of where I want to be right now. Also because I understood nothing about what was happening in these books, but I somehow still had a grand time?? But yes, just the vibes are great.

The Lunar Chronicles

By Marissa Meyer

Another one for the nostalgia. I remember picking Cinder up randomly when I went to B&N like the first or second time after moving to the US. It was almost purely based on the cover, too. Anyway, all these years later and this series has become quite popular. Also I procrastinated on reading Winter a lot, so I don’t feel like I got the most out of reading these books. Rereading them would thus be great!

And that’s it! These are the books I want to reread some day. With the exception of Mistborn, they don’t require a whole lot of brain cells either. So I can just relax and read and not think. Are there any books you want to reread?

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