Six Reasons to Totally Love Fall

I don’t know about you guys, but even though I always enjoy Fall, I do always slightly suffer from seasonal depression when the colder months kick in. So I thought I’d make a little list of reasons to love Fall!

The leaves turn all kinds of colors

One thing I do always love about Fall is the changing colors! I love all the different shades of red, green, and orange. I’m sad that the area I live in isn’t as foresty as where I lived in the US, but I do have a pretty big forest nearby! I am totally going to take a walk there soon. When it isn’t raining, that is…

Fall fashion makes a comeback

Okay, so I love summer and sundresses, but I totally love Fall fashion more. I just think all the Fall clothes I own are way cuter than my summer clothes! I love oversized sweaters, chunky boots, and leather jackets. Can’t wear those in summer. Plus sweaters are just extremely comfortable.

You no longer feel like you have to be doing things

Do you also feel rushed in the summer? Like you should be trying to make it the best summer ever, every year? Obviously this year summer sucked for nearly everyone, but normally I always feel like I should be doing something exciting. Like stargazing, going on road trips, swimming with friends. And while I love doing all these things, I also love not having to do those things. Fall always makes me feel like I can slow down a little, and just stay inside and read.

It’s pumpkin carving time

I can’t wait to shove a knife into a pumpkin. If that sounded too aggressive, I’m sorry, but I have frustrations I need to get rid of. In all seriousness, I love pumpkins! I love how they look, how there are many varieties and colors, and different ways to use them to decorate! I’m going pumpkin carving soon, so I’m really excited for that.


I realize not everyone loves Halloween, and frankly that’s just a little weird (just kidding, I love you). Even though Halloween will most likely not be the same as always, I’m still going to try to make the best of it. It also happens to be my birthday that day, and I’m hoping to spend the day with one of my best friends, baking things, eating shitty food, and playing games. And of course also watch some classic Halloween movies!

Time to read

This is a book blog, obviously I’m always reading. But to be honest I read a lot more in the fall than in the summer. Summers are for lazing during the day and going out at night. Fall is for cozying up in ten thousand blankets with a good book. I mostly like sunny weather, but when I’m all cozied up inside I love listening to the rain. I also like to read high fantasy more during the fall. Let’s go on the epic quest!

And that’s it! We’re in for a tough fall/winter season I think, but we’re going to have to make the best of it. What are some reasons you love Fall?

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