The Halloween Book Tag

Aside from my own tag, spooky scary skeletons, I haven’t actually done a tag in a while, so it’s high time I did one again! I found the Halloween book tag over on pretty purple polka dots, and it looked super fun!

CARVING PUMPKINS: What book would you carve up and light on fire?

I can’t really think of any book I ever read that I disliked so bad that I wanted to set it on fire. However, I hated the mandatory readings for my Dutch class in high school. We had to read historical literature and it was overall a horrible time. Since the Halloween book tag is about scary stuff, I think I’ll have to go with a Dutch work of fiction I read about a person suffering from Alzheimer. Obviously the topic was very heavy and serious, and the writing was fine, but man, it was depressing. And since we had first person POV, it was pretty scary to witness someone sink into this disease like that.

TRICK OR TREAT: What character is a treat, what character is a trick?

One of my absolute favorite characters ever is actually a side character; Zuzanna from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. She’s hilarious and totally relatable and I just love her.

For trick I’d probably have to choose Dante from the Caraval series. Do I trust him? Do I not trust him? I’ve by now finished the series and I honestly still don’t know, haha!

CANDY CORN: What book is always sweet?

I think for me it would be Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Every time I reread Harry Potter it feels like I’m coming home. Also the innocence at the beginning of the series is so great to read when you know what’s coming later in the series.

GHOSTS: What character would you love to visit you as a ghost?

Hmm… I would probably lose my shit if Nikolai (Shadow & Bone/King of Scars) would visit me. He’s my favorite cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls.

DRESSING UP IN COSTUME: What character would you want to be for a day?

I’d probably chose to be Inej from Six of Crows. She’s always calm and collected, has amazing coordination skills, and is great with knives. I am the literal exact opposite of that. I’m never calm, I trip over my own feet, and I probably don’t have to explain that I cut myself accidentally way more than necessary.

WIZARDS AND WITCHES: What is your favourite Harry Potter moment?

I think my favorite Harry Potter moment would be either when Fred and George chase Umbridge out of Hogwarts (I love the scene in the movie too!), or when Harry, Ron and Hermione escape Gringotts on the dragon. So epic.

BLOOD AND GORE: What book was so creepy that you had to take a break from it for awhile?

I never really read creepy books, but I remember IT being pretty scary at times. Also, in the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, there is a chase scene in complete darkness that was so well written that it felt like I was the one being chased. That was pretty creepy too.

And that concludes the Halloween book tag! As always, feel free to participate as you please!

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