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Have you watched Enola Holmes yet on Netflix? I first saw the trailer for it on Twitter, and I just knew I would immensely enjoy this movie. Spoiler alert: I was right!

The lovely Cielo from Belle Rose Reads has made yet another original tag. You may have also seen her original Folklore tag! Anyway, when she asked who wanted to be tagged in her Enola Holmes Book Tag, I just had to raise my digital hand.

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Enola Holmes:

An independent and smart female protagonist

There are so many female protagonists to choose from nowadays, which is awesome! But for this question I’m going to have to go with Vin from the Mistborn series. I love her character because she’s willing to do what’s right, but won’t compromise who she is in the process. Plus, she’s also incredibly normal for a character that’s supposed to be special.

Sherlock Holmes:

Your favorite mystery/thriller book

I don’t read a whole lot of mysteries and thrillers, but one I can think of right now is The 7.5 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. I read this book last December and I really enjoyed it! In my opinion it was very atmospheric, and the fact that the protagonist kept waking up in new bodies was very interesting. It had me super confused in a good way the whole book through, and there were many twists I didn’t see coming.

Eudoria Holmes:

A character that defies the rules of society

The first character that immediately popped in my head was Alessandra from The Shadows Between Us. In the book, most young women still wear heavy skirts and are proper ladies that are always courteous. Alessandra on the other hand is none of that. She designs her own clothes with a modern twist, and is bold and a go-getter. One of the big things I loved about this book is how there was zero rivalry between the different women that appeared in the book. Very refreshing.

Mycroft Holmes:

The most annoying character you know

Oof this is a hard one to be honest. I don’t find a lot of characters annoying, and when I do they are literally so not important for the story that I don’t even remember their name. That one irrelevant guy in Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor was super annoying. Like if I ever encounter someone like that in real life I would for sure punch them in the face.

Lord Tewksbury:

A character you want to protect at all costs

I always love the soft and funny characters and my first thought is always to protect. So for this question I’m gonna go with Kenji from the Shatter Me series! I think he’s actually my favorite character in all the books, but I still need to read the novella about him that came out not too long ago.

Inspector Lestrade:

A loyal side character

One of my favorite tropes, in YA books especially, is strong friendships. There are many I love, like Aelin and Lysandra (TOG), Lia and Pauline (The Remnant Chronicles), but my favorite is probably Karou and Zuzanna! Zuzanna is so loyal, she didn’t bat an eye when her best friend told her she’s actually a chimera from another world and that angels from that same world are planning big bad things. Talk about supportive.

Miss Harrison:

A book that aged like milk

After some thinking I have decided on the Fallen series. I loved that series back in the day, but now that I think back on it, it’s definitely missing a lot of things. Most notably diversity. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read these books, so I can be wrong, but I honestly don’t think there was any diversity in these books at all. But it’s one of those series that got me into reading, so I won’t completely throw it in the trash


A book or character you hated from the very beginning

Not to be cliche, but I still think the character I hate the most is Umbridge. Just so horrible. And honestly we probably all had teachers like that once in our life, so I think we all just collectively simmer in hate for her


Your favorite book with black rep

My favorite recent read with black rep has got to be Foundryside (and Shorefall)! These books are wonderfully diverse to begin with, and features a sapphic romance, too! I highly recommend this series for everyone that loves books that cross genres, are innovative, and manage to expertly combine serious themes with bouts of humor.

And that’s it! This was super fun to do, and I think I’m going to rewatch Enola Holmes at least once this Fall.

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  1. October 15, 2020 / 12:21 pm

    Loved reading your answers! Lol, on point with Umbridge though. Hell, she gave Satan a run for his money with how evil she is πŸ˜‚

    • simonevanheijst
      October 15, 2020 / 1:01 pm

      She’s just so realistic, any school could have someone like her and that makes her all the more hateable πŸ˜‚

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