Five Books I Liked I Hardly Talk About

Hello book friends! You ever read a book and you enjoyed it but it just never comes up in conversation? Or you never feature it in your pictures or videos? And never even reviewed it? As it turns out, I have many of those. So here is a list of books I enjoyed but hardly ever talk about!

I actually made a post like this last year, and I still never talk about the books listed there lol. But I have some additions to the list, so here are some more books I hardly feature anywhere! hardly talk about

The Winner’s Curse

By Marie Rutkoski

I read this series years ago but seriously enjoyed it. I know there are some of you out there who agree with me that this series deserves more love. Which means I should probably feature it on my Bookstagram more often lol. Anyway, I enjoyed this series because the MC, Kestrel, isn’t trying to be everything at the same time, but rather focuses on the strengths she has and accomplishes a lot that way.

The Land of Stories

By Chris Colfer

This middle grade fantasy series hardly ever gets a feature from me, but I really enjoyed these books so far. I’ve read up to book three, and there are six books in total. It’s set around a pair of twins who accidentally stumble upon the land of stories, where they come face to face with all the fairytale storybook characters they (and you and I) grew up with. It’s magical, adorable, and sometimes also tragic, but great for early readers!


By Veronica Roth

Divergent is one of those series I’ve owned forever, read super long ago, and still never feature on any of my platforms. Even though it brings up all sorts of feelings of nostalgia, like a lot of YA from the early 2010s, there are many tropes in it that are honestly a little outdated. Actually Divergent isn’t even the only dystopian I hardly ever mention. I also still own copies of The Maze Runner by James Dashner and Gone by Michael Grant. I probably never mention those because I never finished these series though lol.

Ever the Hunted

By Erin Summerill

So I never finished this series either, but as opposed with The Maze Runner & Co., I do have plans to read the rest of these books at some point. But it’s still weird I never really feature them, because they are honestly so pretty. There are three books, and I love the colors, the font, the texture of the dust jacket… everything! It’s been so long since I read Ever the Hunted though. I remember exactly zero of what happened, so I’m going to need so find a good summary before reading Ever the Brave.


By Gena Showalter

Okay, so I definitely do feature this series every once in a while, but the last time it was posted on my Bookstagram was May 2020 and I didn’t even talk about the book lol. Either way, as soon as I finished reading the books they just kind of disappeared from my radar. Which I don’t understand because I seriously had so much fun reading these books. They were not at all what I expected them to be, and when I finished Firstlife, I immediately drove to Barnes & Noble to get Lifeblood. So, I should probably take a few pics of these books again!

And those are the five books I liked but hardly talk about! What are some books that you enjoyed but almost never feature on your socials? Let me know in the comments!

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