My Bookish Pet Peeves: Part Two

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Blogtober post! This one is again inspired by a post I did last year: my bookish pet peeves. But where that post was about external pet peeves, this post will deal with the contents of books!

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Like I said, this bookish pet peeves post will deal with little annoyances I encounter in the stories I’m reading. Let me know in the end if you agree with any of these, or if I’m just old and whiny!

1 – Lone Savior Syndrome

Is this the correct term? Maybe martyr syndrome? Either way, I find it so annoying when a characters has all these bunch of friends that are willing to support said character, but then the character goes: “no this is my responsibility and I’m going to do this completely dangerous and foolish thing entirely by myself.” Just accept the help, oh my god.

2 – Unnecessary Miscommunication

I think we all hate this one. It’s so annoying when a character purposely doesn’t say something important purely for the sake of plot. It always makes me feel super angsty too when I read it, because you know the fall out is going to be huge. It’s really not that hard to just talk your problems out.

3 – No plot without the romance

Excuse the weird caption, but I didn’t know how else to put it shortly. Basically, I dislike it when I’m reading a book that is not a romance, but that has no plot aside from romance. I love some romance in the books I read, but if a book is marketed toward me as an epic fantasy, I expect that to be the main theme. With that said, I do enjoy paranormal romance, so as long as I know what I’m getting into I won’t be annoyed!

4 – “She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding”

Okay this one is super dumb, and I 100% blame it on Book Twitter. I actually have held my breath without meaning to, it’s not that unrealistic. But now that Twitter pointed out to me how often this sentence is used, it started to bug me. And now every time I encounter this sentence, I think of Twitter making fun of this sentence.

5 – Overly sarcastic characters

It’s no secret I love a bit of sass, but I quickly drop a book if the characters seem to only be able to communicate with sarcasm. Maybe I’m just being an old hag here, but it just comes across as so childish. Surely you can be serious for once, right?

6 – Sloppy Editing

Depending on how bad it is, this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me, but it will affect my rating. I don’t really mind a spelling error or two, we’re all human after all, but sometimes scenes just make no sense and I wonder how it got past editing? Or when there are plot holes and I feel like I’m the only one I noticed, because clearly the editor didn’t.

That’s it for today! Do you relate to any of these pet peeves? Or do you have entirely different ones? Let me know!

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