Winter’s Orbit – Spoiler Free Review

Happy Monday book friends! Everything book related has suddenly taken a backseat, because I started working again and I immediately forgot how to manage my time. But I’m still finishing books! Albeit more slowly than usual… I just finished reading Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell. To be real honest, the beginning of this book confused me immensely. But, by the end of it I realized I did have a good time reading it. So check out the content warnings below if you want to, and I’ll attempt to explain this book.winter’s orbit View content warnings Domestic abuse Flashback to instances… View Post

Mid-Year Reading Update: Goodreads Goal Made!

Happy Monday book friends! I’m going to pretend that the middle of the year hasn’t passed already, and give you all a small update regarding my reading. The title says it all really, I made my Goodreads goal for this year! Like always, I decided that 50 books would be more than enough. I had my thesis to think about, after all. So as it turns out, I am supremely good at avoiding all responsibilities and just read for fun. I made it to 50 books about a week ago, which is absolutely wild to me. How did I read… View Post

Fae Friday – Books I’m Still Excited to Read

Happy #FaeFriday everyone! A little late post from me (even though it’s still morning in the U.S.), but I spent most of my morning blow drying my hair… I swear that stuff takes talent I don’t have. Anyway, Fae Friday is hosted by Kristy @ Caffeinated Fae, and you can find all future prompts on her blog! All you gotta do is link back to her page and have fun with the prompt! Don’t forget to use #FaeFriday on your socials, so we can all find each other’s posts! Here is this week’s prompt:excited to read “This week’s #FaeFriday post… View Post

June 2021 Wrap Up – More Rereads

Happy July everyone! I have a feeling that nearly every update on my reading gets the title “more rereads.” I just can’t stop rereading books this year for some reason. Don’t worry though, I still make time for new books! I hope everyone had an enjoyable June. We had some amazing weather the past month and I spent much of it outside. Unfortunately, the weather has turned again and there’s rain in the forecast for at least another ten days. Yay, Dutch summers… Anyway, I got some good reading done, and have some exciting life updates as well!june 2021 june… View Post

Chain of Iron – Spoiler Free Review

Happy Thursday book friends! I read Chain of Iron at the beginning of June, but totally forgot to write my review for it. I wrote a review for Chain of Gold last year, so honestly I should continue reviewing this series. So here is my very late review of Chain of Iron! I’ve been really enjoying The Last Hours, and am very much looking forward to the third installment in the series, Chain of Thorns. A large part of me is also super excited to see what the cover will look like, because TLH has the best covers of all… View Post