Tag Time – The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I worked yesterday, and it was so nice to be back in my own store again. I didn’t hate working at a different location, but the vibes are just different. Also there were like, three people in the store at any given time which meant that I didn’t even have to work hard. Anyway, enough work talk. Today I have a book tag on the schedule for you. Usually when I want to do a tag I just go to my good friend google, and so I found this one!… View Post

Books I Keep Meaning to Buy… But Don’t

Happy Sunday book friends! I know we all have massive TBRs and that someday it’ll probably become sentient and crush us under its massive weight, but do you also have a wishlist like me and then never buy the books on it? Honestly my TBR doesn’t scare me, my Amazon to-buy list does… So this post will be about all the books I keep meaning to buy but then end up not buying. Mostly these are books that I do want to own, but have already read on my e-reader. So are they a priority? No, which is probably why… View Post

How I Edit My Pics for Winter

Happy Saturday book friends! So by now I think you know that I come up with different ways to edit my pictures each season. I like to keep both my personal feed and my bookstagram fresh, but also enjoy consistency. So I usually spend some time creating a recipe in VSCO and then apply it to all my pictures. A few months ago I also made a post about how I edit my pics for fall. This post will be very similar to that one, but instead I’m sharing my winter recipe! I’ll show you some before and after pics,… View Post

My 2021 Winter Bucket List

Happy Thursday book friends! So even though we’ll spend much of December in ~lockdown-type measures~ (but it’s not a real lockdown), I still wanted to make a little winter bucket list, because surely there are many things I can do that don’t require me to leave the house. Last year I didn’t make a winter bucket list, because, well, it was 2020. And I was overall a mess and wouldn’t have done a single thing anyway. But this year I’m feeling a little more active! I looked back on my 2019 holiday bucket list and got a little sad that… View Post

What’s on my December 2021 TBR

Happy Thursday book friends! It’s the second day of December, and I have compiled a small TBR to share with you. As you know, I hardly ever stick to a TBR, so we’ll see how many books from this list I’ll actually end up reading. There are some books on my December TBR that I just have to read, because I’m superduper close to completing the SFF Badge Collection! I need three more badges before I can claim the Collector badge. This challenge was so fun, and because it spanned the whole year, it was also very manageable. I’m hoping… View Post