How I Edit My Pictures for Fall

Hello reader friends! Every year at the beginning of fall I spend like five hours figuring out a good way to edit my Bookstagram pictures. Even though it takes a while to find something I like, I really enjoy doing it because new edits mark a new season and a new look for my Bookstagram! So here’s how I edit my pics this year.

Finding a good way to edit my pics always takes me forever because I first have to decide what vibe I’m going with. Will it be warm and cozy? Cooler and more dramatic? Who knows? Not me, that’s for sure. As opposed to last year, though, I am able to use some of my favorite props again now that they’re no longer sitting in moving boxes. So, I ended up going with a cooler, but still somewhat light look with muted orange and red tones! edit pictures

I use VSCO and Afterlight for my pics. I believe I had to pay for Afterlight, but it was only once and I don’t think it was a whole lot either. So, worth it. Let’s take a look at the steps!

In VSCO here’s what I do:

  • Filter: A4 +12
  • Exposure: -1.5
  • Saturation: -2
  • Temperature: +1
  • Tint: +1
  • Skin tone: +0.5
  • Red hue: -6 and Sat: +1
  • Orange hue: +1 and Sat: -0.5
  • Yellow hue: +1.5, Sat: +1 and Lightness: +2

  • I save that pic, and then open up Afterlight In Afterlight I only add a dust filter. I use the 9th one most of the time, but sometimes I change it up and use a different one. Can’t have those little dust specks in the same spot every pic lol.

    Here are some before and afters of my Bookstagram pics!

    And that’s it! Which apps do you use to give your pics that fall vibe? And what are your favorite props to use in your pictures? Let me know!

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