My Bookish Pet Peeves

Every human on earth probably has a bunch of pet peeves, but we book readers can be extra particular about how we treat our books. I have a couple of bookish pet peeves as well, so naturally I decided to make a blog post about it!

When the publisher suddenly changes the covers mid series

Why why WHY must they do this?! This pet peeve probably make me the angriest of all of them. It’s especially heartbreaking when the new covers aren’t even prettier than the old ones. I just really want all my books to match, please. They changed the covers for An Ember in the Ashes, I believe? I haven’t read that series yet, but I remember some upheaval about it. They also changed the covers of the Rebel of the Sands series which is such a shame, because the original covers were so much prettier.

Stickers that don’t come off nicely

Okay, as someone who works in a bookstore, I get that sometimes stickers are necessary. We often use stickers for our bargain books and bestsellers that are discounted. HOWEVER! Our stickers actually peel off very easily and leave no residue behind. I really hate it when I’m trying to peel off a sticker, and only the top layer comes off, leaving half the sticker behind, and making me perform a surgical operation on my pretty book with goo-gone…

When people talk to you while you’re reading

I’m a very extroverted person, so I love talking to people all the time. Especially if I get to talk about books, I will talk your ears off about my favorite series. But I really dislike it when people try to start conversations when I’m reading. Like, hello? I’m obviously busy, leave me alone. I think this is the book reader equivalent of people trying to talk to others obviously wearing headphones.

Cracked spines

I know some people that love it when their books look like they’ve been read. The pages are folded, the covers bent. I am not that person. My books look like I just bought them. Especially paperbacks I’m very careful with, because I hate it when the spine cracks. I always read my paperbacks with one side of the book at a 90 degree angle so I won’t damage the spine. This is also why I love the paperback books that are flexible in the spine, because they don’t crack!

Judgmental people

I’m a firm believer in “read what you want, and respect others who do so as well.” I think it’s really cool that we can read the same book and have vastly different opinions on it! It gives us something to discuss and it can broaden our minds. But I really hate it when people negatively judge someone for enjoying a certain book/author/series. Just leave each other to their own devices and worry about your own next read.

It should also come as no surprise that I’m not a fan of “cancel culture.” I believe we can acknowledge problematic, or less probable, aspects of a book without having to attack the author over and over for it.

When books aren’t the same height

This happened to me with the Divergent series. I love the editions that I have, which are the very minimalist black covers with the logos on them. When the third book came out, I ordered it in the edition I wanted at my local bookstore. However, when I came home I discovered that my new book was a whole INCH taller than the first two books. I never went back (dumb, I know), so it still lives on my shelves, but I get annoyed every time I look at it. This is definitely a pet peeve of mine that I hope to never encounter again.

People that move books around in bookstores

Okay, this is a bookseller specific pet peeve (any other booksellers out there?), but I really hate it when people take books out of section and then just drop them somewhere. Or people that think I’ll judge them if they end up not wanting a book, and just sneakily put it on a shelf where it doesn’t belong. But the absolute worst is people that do it on purpose. The types that’ll move bibles to the “fiction” section. Yeah I get it, haha you’re funny, but it gives us unnecessary extra work.

That said, if you’re not sure where a book is supposed to be shelved, definitely ask us! We’re always happy to help you out!:)

Okay, now I feel a little angry haha. What are some bookish pet peeves that you have? Any up here that you relate to? Let me know!

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