Quiz Time – How Alike Are Our Cover Tastes?

Hello book friends! Remember ages ago when I posted a little “how alike are our reading tastes” quiz? Well, I thought I’d post another quiz, this time about covers!

Let’s not pretend we don’t all cover buy every now and then. If a book has a beautiful cover I am so much more likely to pick it up in the store and see what it’s about. So, in honor of pretty covers, I designed a quiz that will determine how similar our cover tastes are! I love making this quizzes. I use Try Interact in case you want to try your hand at it yourself! The images in this quiz are square, but you can find the full images below to help you choose. Do let me know your results in the comments! cover tastes

Full Images

The Results

You scored between 0 and 10

Our tastes differ quite a lot, but that’s okay! After all, reading is about the content.

You scored between 11 and 21

Hey look at us! We definitely have some overlapping tastes. I’m sure I’ll find some of my favorite books on your shelves.

You scored between 22 and 32

We probably have near the same tastes in covers, yay! Now send me a pic of your shelves so I can stare at them forever??

Full disclosure, I really don’t have a particular type of cover I like. I love detailed covers a lot, but I also love very minimalistic ones. I also love colors, and enjoy books that have more neutral tones. The one thing I never like though, is real people on the cover. That first edition of Throne of Glass for example was atrocious. I do like pretty art though, so illustrated people are totally fine as evidenced by that last question!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed doing this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it. I really should make an effort to make more of these quizzes, because they’re so much fun! And also a great way to get to know my readers better. You can find my other quiz (and all future quizzes) here!

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  1. October 9, 2021 / 11:11 am

    I scored 20! Nice~ This was such a fun quiz, thanks for making it!

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