My Fall 2021 Bucket List

Fall has of course been around for a while now, but it’s never too late to compile a Fall bucket list. I always tell myself to go have an active Fall, but it never really works out. This year I really want to do everything on the list though!

Last year I made a bucket list with the loosened restrictions in mind, and that obviously did not go as planned. So this year’s bucket list will involve some items that I wanted to do last year, but couldn’t!. Plus I’ve actually done some research about what I can do around here during Fall, so my list won’t be entirely boring lol. So without further ado, here is my Fall 2021 bucket list!

Pumpkin picking

In the U.S. I loved to go pumpkin picking. We had a huge farm nearby that would organize a miniature festival with tons of pumpkins, hayrides, apple cider, and much more! It was so fun, and so I’ve been trying to see if we have something similar in the Netherlands. Well, we don’t quite have something of that size, but I did find a pumpkin patch not too far away that looks awesome! So I’m hoping I will be able to go.

Visit a corn maze

My family and I used to go to a corn maze a long time ago, and it would be fun to visit one again, I think. I know that there’s one near where I used to live, so maybe I’ll try to visit that one. I haven’t really looked into ones that are closer. If they even exist. Anyway, mazes are fun!

Bake apple pie

I always say that I enjoy baking, but then hardly ever actually bake anything. This year, I want to make an apple pie, though! Nothing too fancy, but I really enjoy Dutch apple pie, and think it’s the perfect Fall treat. I do want to try my hand at creating a beautiful lattice crust, though. Those always look so lovely.

Go mushroom hunting

Well, I’m not planning to actually pick any mushrooms. I know nothing about mushrooms except “that looks like a mushroom,” so I’m not going to risk touching one, just in case. But we have a large forest nearby that I’m sure will have tons of mushrooms to look at! I’m hoping to see those beautiful red and white ones. I saw some last year, but they were gone very quickly.

Pumpkin carving

This is the one item on my bucket list that I can cross off every year. Pumpkin carving is just something you have to do each year! Last year my mom and I went to a friend’s house which was super fun (there was apple pie). Maybe this year we can invite some friends to our house. We have the perfect outdoor space for it.

Visit a brewery

This is an item that I had on last year’s list as well, but obviously visiting a brewery didn’t happen. Coincidentally, we moved closer to where this brewery is, so lucky me! It’s located in a monastery (the monks make the beer, too!), and it has some amazing food. I went in 2018 and me and my friends emptied half our wallets just on the food.

And that’s it for my Fall 2021 bucket list! Nothing too crazy, so I’m hoping to cross some of these off. Of course, there are many more things one can do in Fall, and I have no doubts I’ll have a good time!

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