September and October Book Haul

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am currently not having a good time, because my landlords decided to terminate the rent, so I am slightly stressed. And with slightly I mean a lot. But, Blogtober must go on, so here I am!

I didn’t buy too many books the past two months, but still enough to make a decent post about it. I tend to buy books as both as coping mechanism and as a reward, and I’ve had a lot of bad moments and a lot of good moments lately. So, I spent money on books. That’s just how it is. Let’s see what I bought, then! book haul

The Binding book cover

The Binding

By Bridget Collins

I had been eyeing this book for while, so I was glad to find a super pretty copy at my local bookstore! I love this bookstore, because they sell only English books and have really decent prices. None of that overpriced bullshit you sometimes expect from imported books. I’ve wanted to get this one for a while, because it’s a book about books, and you know I’ve been wanting to collect those!

The Library of the Unwritten book cover

The Library of the Unwritten

By A.J. Hackwith

For this one I can tell you the same story as above, because I bought it on the same day. The Library of the Unwritten and The Binding are similar in that they’re both about books. I actually read a little bit of it already, but I paused it in favor of another book because I was kinda in a slump. But I’m planning to pick it up again soon!
Blood & Honey book cover

Blood & Honey

By Shelby Mahurin

This was one of those instances where I went into the bookstore to browse, and came out with a book. I mean, that kinda happens almost all the time, but still. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. But then I saw they had the hardcover version of U.S. Blood & Honey and I had to get it, because my copy of Serpent & Dove is also a U.S. hardcopy.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue book cover

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

By V.E. Schwab

Another case of “I didn’t mean to buy anything, but here we are.” I went into the bookstore, and I saw they already had copies of Addie, but they had only one hardcover with the blue sprayed edges. So obviously that edition had to become mine. So I bought it. Absolutely no regrets. I haven’t read it yet, but soon I will!
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars book cover

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

By Christopher Paolini

This one I bought because I finally had the energy to work on my thesis, so I thought I deserved a reward. It was also remarkably cheap for such a huge book, so I couldn’t pass it up. And it really is huge. My edition has more than 900 pages! I’ve been on a sci-fi kick lately, so hopefully I’ll be able to read this one this year.

And that’s it! My September and October book haul. My birthday is this Saturday, so I’m hoping to get money/gift cards so I can buy even more books! I am very stressed right now, so I predict another book haul post next month…

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