My Bookish Birthday Wishlists

So…. my birthday is coming up soon! You may already know it’s on Halloween and I’m super stoked. I have decided to put a little wishlist out there, not so that people can buy me stuff, but more so I have a place I can direct people to. But if you do end up buying me stuff, you get to own part of my life. It’s the law.

Okay, so it turns out I’m super predictable because all my friends are getting me Barnes & Noble gift cards. I do have some specific books that I want to get, mostly special editions! I made my wishlists on Amazon and Book Depository.

  • Harry Potter: the illustrated collection (books 1-3 box set)
    I recently got HP4 because it was 50% off in my store, but now I want the other books too obviously. This box set has all the previous three for only 65 dollars, which I think is a steal!
  • The Red Rising series
    I have the e-book version of these but… I really want the hardcover physical versions as well. They’d look so good on my shelves!
  • The Name of the Wind 10th anniversary edition
    I don’t think you can get this on Amazon anymore, but we still sell them at Barnes & Noble! The only reason I haven’t bought it yet is because of the price, oops.
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic & Ghosts of the Shadow Market
    I’m like 90% sure these are the only Shadowhunter novels I don’t have yet, so… need.
  • Throne of Glass Collectors Edition
    It’s just so beautiful. Also no longer on Amazon, but long live Book Depository!
  • Basically everything on my Brandon Sanderson wishlist
    I have a bunch of Sanderson books already, but I really like the blue and white covers you can get on Book Depository

And that’s everything for now! There are definitely more books I want, but these I REALLY want haha. I know my friends are going to get me a bunch of gift cards, so hopefully I’ll be able to use them to this wishlist!

In case you do want to check out my wishlists, I’ve included my Amazon list here and my Brandon Sanderson list here!

Do you have a wishlist for books somewhere? What’s on it?

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