Books With Time Travel I Enjoyed

Happy Wednesday book friends! Do you read books with time travel? I tend to really like these, even though the science behind it often makes my head hurt. Mostly because like 50% of my brain tries to come up with reasons why it wouldn’t work, and the other 50% is telling me to shut up and enjoy the fiction.

I haven’t read a whole lot of books with time travel, but the ones I have I’ve often enjoyed. They’re all quite different in setting, too! Time travel is something you’d mostly expect out of a science fiction novel, but some of the books on here are really more fantasy-like. Let me know at the end which books with time travel you liked!


By Ryan Graudin

This YA novel is about a gang of friends who, after not being able to work the legal way, take on jobs for a black market that specializes in artifacts from the past. I really liked this book because it wasn’t too complicated, and the characters were a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll reread it one day, because it’s a standalone and thus a super quick read to read between series. Also while I’m typing this I realize that I don’t remember that much about this book aside from the fact that I enjoyed it.

The Last Magician

By Ryan Graudin

This is one of those time travel books that leans more toward fantasy. It takes place in modern, and 1902 New York, where magic users are kept on Manhattan island by an energy barrier called The Brink. Essentially, magic users are unwanted. The MC Esta can manipulate time, which makes her a great thief. She gets sent to 1902 to steal the book that has knowledge on The Brink, which would hopefully help her and her fellow magic users to destroy it. Except that obviously doesn’t work out. I really liked this first installment. The second one has a bit of a second book syndrome going on, though. Still need to read the third book, but some day!


By Alexandra Bracken

So I don’t remember a whole lot of this series either, but I liked it! Not sure how to categorize it either. I think it both fits fantasy and sci-fi. Anyway, the MC accidentally gets pulled back in time by a stranger, and she’s unceremoniously thrust into a world where time traveling families exist, and she’s forced to uncover a lost treasure one of those powerful families is convinced she can find. This one is a duology, so it could be a quick read!

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

By Stuart Turton

Here’s on that’s slightly different, because the time travel involved only takes one day each time. The MC, Aiden, wakes up in a different body each day over the course of a week, and if he doesn’t find Evelyn’s murderer before the week is up the cycle starts again. Forever. I really liked this book, because it kind of shows that no matter how hard you try to alter the future, you mostly just end up setting yourself up for where you need to be. Also this book has great layered twists. You can probably guess one of them, but definitely not all.


By Stephen King

I read this book so long ago it isn’t even marked on Goodreads. High school English teacher Jake Epping gets roped into going back to 1958 by the owner of his local diner. That sounds a little wild when I put it like that, but that’s also exactly what happened. He spends those years between 1958 and 1963 preparing to stop the Kennedy assassination, and all sorts of things happen in between. This book deals with some seriously heavy stuff, too, so beware. Either way, I really enjoyed it way back then!

And that’s it! Have you read any of these books? Or do you know of a book with time travel I must read ASAP? Let me know in the comments!

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