Fae Friday – How I Organize My Shelves

Happy #FaeFriday everyone! Today I am working late, but I have the day off tomorrow. I’m super excited, because I don’t get Saturdays off that often, and I’m going to visit my friend in The Hague. Obviously I’m also going book shopping there.

But first, we gotta do Fae Friday. Fae Friday is hosted by Kristy @ Caffeinated Fae, and you can find all future prompts on her blog! All you gotta do is link back to her page and have fun with the prompt! Don’t forget to use #FaeFriday on your socials, so we can all find each other’s posts! Here is this week’s prompt:organize shelves organize shelves organize shelves

“It’s always fun to see how other book lovers organize their books! So, what do your bookshelves look like? How do you organize them? Is there a method to the madness?”

The timing of this prompt is actually great because I just rearranged my books not too long ago. So without further ado, here is a shelfie and my explanation of how I organize my books!

How I organize my shelves

How I Organize My Shelves

So as you can see, my shelves are quite dynamic. When I first moved into this house and started shelving my books, I had a lot of space left over. I didn’t really like the look of so much empty space, so I started stacking and front-facing some of my books. Stacking is great because I can put stuff on top of the books, like my polaroid, or my funkos. And front-facing is great because I get to show off my favorite covers! Also, any time I buy a new book I don’t have to make drastic changes in arrangement.

So as I said, I recently rearranged my shelves. I used to sort them purely by size, but I didn’t like that some genres were next to each other that clearly did not belong next to each other. Plus all my adult, young adult, and middle grade books were all over the place. So I decided to start anew.

Now most of my books are organized by target audience. With the exception of some books at the very top, all books on the first four shelves from the top are young adult (and some middle grade). I also loosely organized my books by genre. I have a section for fantasy, dystopian, science fiction, and urban.

My adult books are organized the same way! They start over on the left where Nevernight is placed (behind my lamp). As you can see I left out House of Earth and Blood and A Court of Silver Flames. Mainly because I did not feel like splitting those books from my SJM shelf. I particularly love stacking some of my mass market paperbacks, because they’re so tiny. Every time I put them on their shelves normally they leave so much space above. This way my shelves actually look way more filled than they really are.

And that’s it! As you can see, I clearly do not care about the alphabet at all. How do you arrange your books? Definitely leave a comment linking to your page, so I can check out your shelves! Yes, I am nosy.

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  1. September 3, 2021 / 3:36 pm

    I have one set of shelves where I do themes: fae, space, witches, magic, etc. And then on another set I do fiction by author and fantasy by author. It’s tough bc a lot of books fit the themes and I run out of room:)

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