My 2021 Anticipated Releases

It is time to make my most anticipated 2021 releases known, and boy do I have a lot. On the one hand that’s great because, yay good books! On the other hand… this post is going to be insanely long. So… good luck, lol.

For now, my list of 2021 anticipated releases consists of 29 books. This is always subject to change, because especially the books that will come out later in 2021 might see changes in their release date. Plus, I always manage to find new releases I want to read during the year that didn’t make it on this list. Either way, this is quite a change in number compared to 2020’s list! So I hope you’re all comfortable, because I’m going to tell you something about all 29. 2021 anticipated releases 2021 anticipated releases

However, I realize that is a lot to read at once, and I debated on how to design this post. I have decided that I want this post to function like my personal master list. So you can read the entire post if you want, but below you can find links to any month. Just click on it and it’ll take you further down the page!

January Releases
February Releases
March Releases
April Releases
June Releases
July Releases
August Releases
September Releases
October Releases
November Releases

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January Releases

A Vow so Bold and Deadly book cover

A Vow so Bold and Deadly

By Brigid Kemmerer

Expected Publication: January 26

I’ve been excited for this book ever since I finished A Heart so Fierce and Broken a while ago. I actually liked that book better than the first one, which is rare. The stakes seem pretty high, so I’m excited to see where this story will go! Especially because I’m rooting for both sides.

We Free the Stars book cover

We Free the Stars

By Hafsah Faizal

Expected Publication: January 19

I loved We Hunt the Flame back when I read it, but I feel like I need a good summary before diving into this one. The blurb is fantastic, though, so I’m excited. I am fairly sure that We Hunt the Flame left me with a lot of questions, so I’m hoping that most of these will be resolved in this book. This series is a duology, so all will be resolved soon!
Lore book cover


By Alexandra Bracken

Expected Publication: January 5

Okay if this book doesn’t end up in my top ten of 2021, I’m going to be so disappointed. Please go read the blurb, because it sounds so amazing! And it comes out in less than a month, sooo… I’m guessing this will be my first book purchase of 2021? I think I just have a weakness for books that involve gods.

Crown of Bones book cover

Crown of Bones

By A.K. Wilder

Expected Publication: January 5

This one I randomly clicked on because I liked the cover, and then I turned out to like the blurb too. I love it when that happens. This seems like the perfect fantasy read that I can totally lose myself in. Plus, I love it when the unsuspecting characters turn out to be the stars of the show. This one also comes out super soon, so keep your eye out for it!
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February Releases

A Court of Silver Flames book cover

A Court of Silver Flames

By Sarah J. Maas

Expected Publication: February 16

I am so excited to return to this world, and be given a new plot to get lost in! Goodreads also says the page count is 648, which in my opinion is hefty. Also unpopular opinion, I don’t hate the cover. I don’t love it, either, but I kinda see this book as the start of a whole new series, so I don’t mind that the cover doesn’t match the previous trilogy.

The Iron Raven book cover

The Iron Raven

By Julie Kagawa

Expected Publication: February 9

Do the words “Iron Fey” take you back in time too? I loved this series back when I read it. I make it sounds like I was a teenager when I read these books, but in reality I was already 21, haha. I’m really excited for this book, because it’ll be the start of a new series and it’s all about Puck!
The Gilded Ones book cover

The Gilded Ones

By Namina Forna

Expected Publication: February 9

I’ve seen this one floating around in the Twitter-verse, but didn’t read the blurb until… well, now. But color me intrigued! I love the cover, and the promises this blurb makes. It seems like this book is going to be packed with adventure and mystery, and I can’t wait to read it!

All the Tides of Fate book cover

All the Tides of Fate

By Adalyn Grace

Expected Publication: February 2

Guys, look at that cover!! I already loved the cover of All the Stars and Teeth, and I love this one too! Content wise, I enjoyed All the Stars en Teeth enough to want to read this book. It’s a duology, so all my questions will be answered soon. But I have to admit I need to read a summary of book one… I kinda forgot how it ended.
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March Releases

Chain of Iron book cover

Chain of Iron

By Cassandra Clare

Expected Publication: March 2

It’s a little wild to me that it seems like yesterday that Chain of Gold came out. It was one of the first books I bought and read when I was back in the U.S. Can you feel nostalgia for things that happened only a year ago? Anyway, I am very excited to read this book, because as always, the stakes are so much higher. I’m looking forward to the angst.

Rule of Wolves book cover

Rule of Wolves

By Leigh Bardugo

Expected Publication: March 30

I’ve been patiently waiting for this book since I finished King of Scars in… June 2019. For some reason it feels like I read it longer ago than that. But anyway, I’m so excited for this sequel! I want more Nikolai. And more Zoya. And more Nikolai and Zoya. I believe King of Scars somewhat ended on a cliffhanger, so I hope to get answers on page one of Rule of Wolves.
Bridge of Souls book cover

Bridge of Souls

By Victoria Schwab

Expected Publication: March 2

I seriously love this series. I love spooky middle grade books that are creepy but I can still read without wanting to sleep with the lights on. When I saw the title reveal I kinda hoped it would take place in Prague, but New Orleans is dope, too. I don’t know how many books there will be in this series, but I hope there well be more!

Lost in the Neverwoods book cover

Lost in the Never Woods

By Aiden Thomas

Expected Publication: March 23

Well, I’m assuming this is a Peter Pan retelling, which I am excited for because I’ve never read one before. Aiden Thomas is the same author that wrote Cemetery Boys (which I still haven’t read, oops), and I’ve heard nothing but good things about that book, so I’m just going to assume that Lost in the Never Woods will be good, too! Plus, I love the cover, and that doesn’t hurt.
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April Releases

The Crown of Gilded Bones book cover

The Crown of Gilded Bones

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Expected Publication: April 20

Okay so I started reading From Blood and Ash because I saw it literally all over the place, and I wanted in on the goods. So then obviously I got hooked and read A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire right after, which I now kinda regret, because I have to wait for The Crown of Gilded Bones foreverrrr! Well… not forever. But it feels like it!

Witched Steeped in Gold book cover

Witches Steeped in Gold

By Ciannon Smart

Expected Publication: April 20

I think I’ve seen this one floating around in the Twitter-verse as well, but honestly I had to click on it based on the cover alone! The story itself seems really cool, too. I don’t think I’ve read a Jamaican-inspired book before. It has basically everything: witches, magic, revenge… you know. Normal teenager stuff.
The Serpent's Curse book cover

The Serpent’s Curse

By Lisa Maxwell

Expected Publication: April 13

I’ve literally only just started the second book in this series; The Devil’s Thief. It has one of my favorite story elements in it: a treasure hunt across the American continent! I haven’t read the blurb yet of The Serpent’s Curse, because I don’t want to accidentally spoil the story, but I’m just gonna assume that when I finish The Devil’s Thief, I’ll want the third installment asap!

Blesses Monsters book cover

Blessed Monsters

By Emily A. Duncan

Expected Publication: April 6

Okay, so I haven’t yet read Ruthless Gods, but it’s on my list. I’ll try to read it soonish. Surely I can read it before the third book comes out? Anyway, I really enjoyed Wicked Saints; it was so perfectly dark. I love dark books about monsters and secrets and things that aren’t what they seem.
These Feathered Flames book cover

These Feathered Flames

By Alexandra Overy

Expected Publication: April 20

Speaking of Wicked Saints, this book is being pitched as “Wicked Saints meets Three Dark Crowns,” which was honestly enough to pique my interest. This story will be about twins separated at birth to fulfill two different fates. That is, until their mother the queen is murdered. It’s a retelling of the Russian folktale The Firebird!

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June Releases

Witchshadow book cover


By Susan Dennard

Expected Publication: June 22

Feeling like a broken record at this point, because I’m also not caught up yet with this series. I still need to read Bloodwitch. Although at this point I feel like I should do a reread of all the books, because I have forgotten basically everything about this series. Well, except that I obviously liked it enough to include the fourth book on this list!
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July Releases

Reign book cover


By Cora Carmack

Expected Publication: July 6

I read Rage at the beginning of this year (although it feels like five years ago), and really liked where the story was going. I believe this will be the final book in this series, and I’m not quite sure who I’m rooting for at this point. What I thought was clear in book one, turned out to be not so clear in book two. So we’ll see where that all goes.

Small Favors book cover

Small Favors

By Erin A. Craig

Expected Publication: July 27

Okay first, let’s talk about that cover because it is gorgeous! Second, judging by the reviews on Goodreads one shouldn’t be fooled by its lightness. The book gets pretty unsettling. Which I am totally here for! I loved House of Salt and Sorrows, and I’m eager to see what Craig will make of this tale!
She Who Became the Sun book cover

She Who Became the Sun

By Shelley Parker-Chan

Expected Publication: July 20

This one randomly caught my eye, but after reading the blurb it’s probably on my top ten most anticipated list. This debut historical fantasy is pitched as Mulan meets The Song of Achilles. It has fate, it has a tragic backstory, and I’m assuming, a ton of history.

These Hollow Vows book cover

These Hollow Vows

By Lexi Ryan

Expected Publication: July 20

Me: doesn’t like reading about love triangles. Also me: is eagerly anticipating a book with what is probably a love triangle. But it’s cool when it’s between two fae and a human. Honestly, I can always use more fae books in my life. I will be 80 and I will still be reading YA books about the fae, and I’m not even a little bit ashamed.
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August Releases

Gods & Monsters book cover

Gods & Monsters

By Shelby Mahurin

Expected Publication: August 3

Guess what! I haven’t read Blood & Honey yet. But at least I have it on my shelves, which is the first step. I am for sure going to assume that I will read Blood & Honey before this book comes out. I want to read it sooner rather than later, because I want to go look at fan art but I can’t yet because of spoilers… Oh, the bookworm life.

September Releases

Empire of the Vampire book cover

Empire of the Vampire

By Jay Kristoff

Expected Publication: September 16

Just like how I can never get enough of fae stories, I also can never get enough of vampire stories. The blurb seems really cool; like it’s going to be a story within a story. I think it’s funny that in this world, night reigns eternal, whereas in Nevernight, it was the suns that never set. It’s like complete opposites.
Defy the Night book cover

Defy the Night

By Brigid Kemmerer

Expected Publication: September 7

So I’m guessing this means we get two Brigid Kemmerer books in one year? I’m cool with that. It has a lot of things that make me interested: a dying kingdom, outlaws, kings and princes that may or may not be enemy… I have no clue how many books will be in this series, though.

The Bronzed Beasts book cover

The Bronzed Beasts

By Roshani Chokshi

Expected Publication: September 21

(added to update on 03/05/21) Anyone who’s been following me on here knows how much of an advocate I am for The Gilded Wolves series. Well, The Gilded Wolves itself was just alright. But The Silvered Serpents blew it out of the ballpark. September can’t come fast enough in my opinion, and I’m secretly hoping the title will become available on NetGalley so I can attempt to snatch it like last time.

October Releases

Thronebreakers book cover


By Rebecca Coffindaffer

Expected Publication: October 12

(added to update on 03/05/21) I loved the first book in this duology, Crownchasers, when I read it in January. It was a new book for me, which is why its sequel wasn’t listed in the original version of this post. I’m also very sad that it’s only a duology. I feel like I could’ve read ten of these books. They’re the perfect YA sci-fi read. Pro tip: read this book while listening to some space synthwave, it’ll be like you’re in space yourself.

Kingdom of the Cursed book cover

Kingdom of the Cursed

By Kerri Maniscalco

Expected Publication: October 26

(added to update on (03/05/21) Oh look at that. A birthday present for me. I seriously loved Kingdom of the Wicked when I read it last year. Back in August(?) I got an ARC via NetGalley for it, and it was basically a finished book when I read it. I couldn’t find anything truly amiss with it. If there’s one thing I’m hoping for though with this book, it’s that there is more on-page romance. I felt like it was barely there in the first book and I want moreeee.
Leviathan Falls book cover

Leviathan Falls

By James S.A. Corey

Expected Publication: October 28

(added to update on 03/05/21) This title sounds like it’s going to be the final installment of the Expanse Series. Is it? Can someone confirm? I am not nearly caught up enough yet to be thinking about book 9 (!), and I likely won’t catch up before October. But, I like it when the end of a series is in sight. It gives me a finish line to work toward. I’m sure that a lot of shit will go down between book 3, which I’ve read, and this book.

November Releases

All of Us Villains book cover

All of Us Villains

By Amandy Foody & Christine Lynn Herman

Expected Publication: November 9

(added to update on 03/05/21) So I haven’t read that many books by Amanda Foody. Exactly one, actually. But the blurb on this book just sounds so amazing. It is entirely vague in that I have no idea who the stakeholders are, but it’s certainly enough to pique my interest. If we are to believe the title, this story is about villains, which I will always need more of. Can’t wait to read it!
Our Violent Ends book cover

Our Violent Ends

By Chloe Gong

Expected Publication: November 16

(added to update on 03/05/21) What an incredibly ominous title. I love it. These Violent Delights certainly left us hanging a little, and I’m going to assume Our Violent Ends will resume about two seconds after where TVD left off. At least I hope so. Like with The Bronzed Beasts, I’m hoping to snag a copy from NetGalley when it becomes available. I pray to the Galley Gods that they’ll approve my request, like they approved my request for TVD.

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And there are all my 2021 anticipated releases! Though I think you noticed that toward the end of the year, I had less books on my list. There are some that I know are coming out in the Fall/Winter, but the information on Goodreads is still a little too vague for my liking to include them in a solid list such as the one above. However, I still want to mention them, so here are a few other titles I am eagerly awaiting!2021 anticipated releases

– Crescent City 2 by Sarah J. Maas
– Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber
– Nowhere (tentative title) by Brandon Sanderson

Anyway, this list was long, so if you read the entire thing I salute you! Let’s see how many books I end up adding to this list throughout the year…2021 anticipated releases2021 anticipated releases2021 anticipated releases

So as you can see there are a lot of books I’m looking forward to next year! My wallet is already crying but it’s fine. I can’t wait to see how many books of this list I’ll actually get to in 2021.

Which 2021 releases are you eagerly awaiting?

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