September Wrap Up + October TBR

Happy first of October book friends! Are you all ready for a month of spookiness? As always I am excited for Halloween, but as of yet I have no spooky plans… I do, however, have a list of books I want to read.

But first, let’s talk about the books I read in September. I can be quite short about that, since I only read three. This is definitely the least amount of books I’ve read in one month, ever, and I am entirely blaming it on my new job. We shall ignore the fact that I’ve been slumpy this whole month… september wrap up

The Solomon Curse

By Clive Cussler

The first book of September I finished on the 17th, so well over halfway through the month. I had started and put aside like five books at this point, so honestly I was just glad to have finished one. I got this book from the library a while back, and overall I really liked it! However, I had expected a bit more mystery and treasure hunting. I caught on to who the real villain was quite quick.

A Natural History of Dragons

By Marie Brennan

Between this book and The Solomon Curse I had again started and put aside like five books (different books than those first five). I got this one slightly impulsively at the book store. I say slightly, because it had been on my TBR for a long while. But honestly I had not business being in that bookstore at that moment… Anyway, I greatly enjoyed this book! I’m a little upset at the ending, but I am nevertheless excited to continue the series.

One Dark Window

By Rachel Gillig

Lastly, I read an ARC of One Dark Window. Which I read too late, because it came out on the 27th, whoops. Anyway, this was a great atmospheric read. I felt it immediately had an air of mystery about it, and the whole setting is just perfect for this time of year. The characters were fascinating and once the story got going I could not stop reading! I am hoping to score a hardcover in stores at some point, but I am not sure if they exist because only I cannot find one… But if I see one, I’ll snag it!

Books Bought

I’m not even going to bother writing down the amount of pages I’ve read. Probably just over 1000, but that’s hardly worth writing down. So here are instead all the book I’ve bought last month!

  • The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn
  • Babel
  • The Dragon’s Promise
  • A Discovery of Witches
  • This Savage Song (hardcover)
  • A Natural History of Dragons
  • Gallant (Dutch special edition)

As you can see I really held back this month! Yay me, my wallet is grateful.

Small life update

By now I have also started my new job. In fact, I’ve been at it for exactly a month now. And honestly, I do not have the feeling that I have been working. I first had a week long introduction program, in which we did a bunch of super fun stuff like stumble across a survival track, visit the national military museum, and talk to a bunch of interesting people! I also had a week of training and courses as part of the traineeship program. And then the week after that I finally started at my job for real.

During my last update (which was a while ago) I said I would be moving out, too. Well, I have failed spectacularly at that. The housing market is horrible and at the same time I am not willing to give up a few standards in order to settle for anything. So right now I just travel. I don’t have to go to the office every day, so it’s doable. Especially because I don’t pay my own public transport fees, hehe. But I am still looking to move out as soon as possible.

And that’s it for my September wrap up! Now, of course, you all want to know what’s on my October TBR. I’ll keep it short because I know better now than to be ambitious with my TBRs…

  • The Ballad of Never After (with a possible reread of Once Upon a Broken Heart first) by Stephanie Garber
  • Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco
  • The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake
  • The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons

Y’all think I can read all these this month? I have a lot less going on (I hope) so maybe I can start finishing books a lot faster again!

And that’s it for my September wrap up and October TBR! How many books did you read last month? And what is your first read of October going to be? Let me know!!


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