October + November Reading Wrap Up

Happy Wednesday book friends! This post is going to be a little longer than usual, because I never made a wrap up post for my October reads. Thankfully for you, my reading slowed down to the point that it takes me two months to finish what I would’ve finished in one month at the beginning of the year.

So, between October and November, I finished 11 books. Some of them were yet again rereads, but I also read quite some 2021 releases I was looking forward to! Which is honestly about time. Actually now that I look back, I only read 2021 books in November, yay me! So let’s take a look at what I thought of all these books. november reading wrap up november reading wrap up november reading wrap up

The Bronzed Beasts

By Roshani Chokshi

My Rating: ★★★★☆

I started October off with a 2021 release I had been looking for since I read an ARC of the Silvered Serpents in August 2020. Yes, I waited that long. And the verdict is… it was alright. Good, even. But, I don’t think I like how it ended. I think I expected a little bit more drama and perhaps a death or two. Plus I also didn’t entirely enjoy the trope that was used at the end. Not spoiling that of course, but if you’ve read it and you agree definitely let me know your thoughts.


By Katrina Leno

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

I read this one because I wanted to read a spooky book, and people said this one is spooky. While yes, it does have a bunch of creepy vibes I was totally into, it mostly just made me feel sad. Which honestly I should’ve expected, because the blurb says it explores themes like grief, mental illness, and rage. It indeed had all of that. I didn’t think it was bad at all, but it also wasn’t my favorite.

Touched by an Alien: 1-5

By Gini Koch

My Rating: ★★★★☆

After reading Horrid I felt like rereading this series. Or at least, part of it, because there are so many books omg. I reread books 1 through 5 and had so much fun doing so. This series definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy sci-fi, romance, and a ridiculous MC and an even more ridiculous plot, definitely check these books out. I am planning to reread book 6 and onward, too, but not sure when yet.

Crown of Bones

By A.K. Wilder

My Rating: ★★★.75☆

Crown of Bones was my first read of November, and I had quite some fun reading it. Though it did take me a while to settle into the world. I loved Ash, and mostly liked Marcus. However, the biggest issue I had while reading this book was that the pacing seemed a little odd sometimes. In some cases it’s like the story doesn’t move at all, and then suddenly two weeks pass in the span of a page. I also felt like there were some instances where the characters go through something, but it’s only told in hindsight instead of shown. Still really enjoyed the book, though, and I’m looking forward to the sequel!

Once Upon a Broken Heart

By Stephanie Garber

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Ooh this one was so much fun to read. I gave it four stars because it didn’t feel like a five star, but I also don’t necessarily see anything wrong with it. It was totally whimsical and a great read for the colder months. Also it’s one of the prettiest books I own now, and I can’t wait to see what the cover of the sequel will look like. Hopefully it’ll have the beautiful cover design under the dustjacket, too!

These Hollow Vows

By Lexi Ryan

My Rating: ★★★.75☆

This was overall a fun read, but I didn’t like that the MC was placed in some (in my opinion) outdated tropes. It had lots of twists and turns, which was fun, but it also made the betrayals that occur in the book a wee bit more predictable. Still, though, how could they?! I have a full (spoiler free) reviews of this book here if you’re interested! I’m very excited for the sequel, though.


By Margaret Rogerson

My Rating: ★★★.75☆

You know, this one was not my favorite of Rogerson’s books. I liked it, but I felt like it took me a little bit too long before I could discern what the real plot was. It’s not a big book at all, but the slower pace at the beginning made it hard for me to keep reading. However, the second half of the book was great, and I am glad that there will be another book set in this world. According to Rogerson herself, Vespertine does have a resolved ending, though, so I’m curious to see what the other book will be about then. Or who.

And that’s it! I think I had two good reading months. Even if not every book will make my list of favorites, I did think all were very enjoyable. Stay tuned for my December TBR post tomorrow!

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