WWW Wednesday – Actually Sticking to my TBR

Happy Wednesday book friends! Today is another beautiful day, and I’m going to sit my butt outside again. Yesterday evening I went for a bike ride without a jacket and it was really nice, because I hate wearing jackets. I also got sunburned…

Anyway, WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Books, and all you need to do is answer these three questions:rereads

– What are you currently reading?
– What did you recently finish reading?
– And what do you think you’ll read next?

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What I’m Currently Reading

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

By Talia Hibbert

In my WWW Wednesday from last week I said I was going to read Get a Life, Chloe Brown next, and look at me actually doing it! Well, kinda, because I had to squeeze in an ARC too. But we’re gonna be hush hush about that. After all, I managed to start this book between last week’s WWW Wednesday and today’s one. I am about an hour in I think, and I’m loving it so far. It makes me wonder why I don’t read fluffy contemporary romance novels more often, because I’m having so much fun. I can see why everyone is raving about this series.

What I Recently Finished

House of Earth and Blood

By Sarah J. Maas

I finished House of Earth and Blood sometime last week and am still low key thinking about it. This was my first reread of the book, but since I love having my heart shattered, I’m thinking of doing one more reread before Crescent City 2 comes out. On Goodreads it’s scheduled for November 2nd, but does anyone know if this is true? Or is it more like a “let’s-try-this-but-no-biggie-if-it-doesn’t-work” thing? Either way, I’m excited. I actually reviewed House of Earth and Blood this time around, since I didn’t do that last year, and you can find said review here!


By Erin Bowman

This was a NetGalley ARC I had on my shelf for a while. Finally picked it up because it comes out in less than a month already! I’m going to try to read and review books closer to their release date. Around a month beforehand or so. Because otherwise I fear people will forget about the book lol. Anyway, I finished this one yesterday, and I enjoyed it. However, I feel like execution wise it could’ve been something more. Maybe a duology? My review will be up here soon, probably already tomorrow!

What I’ll Read Next

I… genuinely don’t know. Normally I have some idea, even if I don’t always stick to it. But I’m seriously stumped. Maybe because I’m reading a different genre than what I normally read, or maybe because I’m only a few chapters in… I have a lot on my TBR, of course, but so far there isn’t anything that sticks out to me. This is such a strange and foreign feeling lol. All the books I want to read I don’t own yet, ha. What is this cruel life. Anyway, I guess I’ll see what happens after I finish Get a Life, Chloe Brown!

And that’s it! I finished two books since last week, which is not bad. Started a new one, and have no clue about the next one. Suggestions are welcome.

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