It’s a new blog!

Hello readers!

Ever since starting my Bookstagram account I have wanted to make it more about the books instead of just the photography and me rambling about my day. I would’ve liked to include reviews as well, but let’s face it, an iPhone isn’t the best for typing out entire texts. So I finally bit the bullet and started this blog! I won’t post reviews exclusively though, you can expect me to talk about basically anything bookish!

If you have read my about section, you know that I am a girl from The Netherlands. However, I have decided to post entirely in English. This has multiple reasons. For starters, I actually live in the United States right now, so half my life is already in English! Furthermore, I never really read in Dutch anymore. And most importantly, I like reaching people from all over the world! I think reading and talking all things bookish is something everyone should be able to do without a significant language barrier.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope to see some of y’all soon!



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