House of Earth and Blood – Spoiler Free Review

Happy Saturday everyone! I finished my reread of House of Earth and blood at like 3am Friday night, and since I never reviewed it the first time I read it, I thought I’d do it now. So I was going to read a few chapters on my e-reader before I went to bed yesterday. I had a little less than 3 hours left of reading time, so I thought I would actually leave it at a couple of chapters. Haha, I was wrong. Three hours later and I had finished it. And I think I may have cried harder this… View Post

Fae Friday – Why I Started Blogging

Happy #FaeFriday everyone! Typing this up on a Thursday, and I spent a few hours working on my thesis today. I feel like I did five hours of research only to write down three sentences… Luckily Fae Friday doesn’t demand research lol. Fae Friday is hosted by Kristy @ Caffeinated Fae, and you can find all future prompts on her blog! All you gotta do is link back to her page and have fun with the prompt! Don’t forget to use #FaeFriday on your socials, so we can all find each other’s posts! Here is this week’s prompt:blogging “It’s #FaeFriday… View Post

Quiz time – How similar are our reading tastes?

Happy Thursday book friends! I was taking a stroll through Google, trying to find new bookish topics, and someone recommended making a quiz. There are quite some fun quiz makers out there, but for this one I used TryInteract. And even I found it easy! Anyway, the very first quiz I wanted to make is a “how similar are we” type quiz. I wonder how many points you’ll score! I had fun making it, so I hope you all have fun doing it. And please let me know what your results are! I hope you found doing this quiz fun!… View Post

WWW Wednesday – Rereads and New Books

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope everyone had a good start of the week. I personally haven’t done anything besides read. Which is not bad, but I can definitely think of a few things I should be doing instead, lol. Anyway, WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Books, and all you need to do is answer these three questions:rereads – What are you currently reading? – What did you recently finish reading? – And what do you think you’ll read next? P.S: My posts look best when viewed in landscape mode on your phone or on your… View Post

The Shadow of the Gods – Spoiler Free Review

Happy Saturday everyone! I finished The Shadow of the Gods about ten minutes before starting this review. I know it’s a little weird I immediately write my reviews after finishing a book, but for me it’s closure. And boy, do I need closure. I got The Shadow of the Gods via NetGalley. I know I say this a lot, but this time I was REALLY surprised when I got approved. My feedback ratio was shit. But, ya know, something with a gift horse… Please do read the content warnings below before picking this book up when it comes out, because… View Post