How I Decorated for Christmas

Happy Tuesday book friends! Something entirely different first: I got new prescription glasses and everything is so HD now it’s honestly making me a little dizzy. But at least I can read street signs again, which is a plus.

As you all know, I love decorating my room for each season. This year I invested a little in some new Christmas decor, and I have to say that I love what my room looks like now! I actually have very little decor up this year that I got in the U.S. Shocker, I know. It’s just that most of my American decor isn’t really my style anymore. It was too pink and white and overall too shiny. This year I wanted to go for greens and natural tones!decorated for christmas decorated for christmas

Most of my decor now is from the cheap Dutch stores, such as Action and Hema. I also have some stuff from Casa (which I don’t consider cheap, but also not expensive at all). In November I went to a shop specializing in rustic decor, and I got some really cool Christmas lamps there. All in all, I got a bunch of new stuff, so let me show it off!

First up, my shelves of course. They’re not very different from what my fall shelves looked like. I put up some stringlights that I’ll probably never take off, and tossed in some pinecones between the books. I have a single holiday sign and some mugs, and that’s honestly it as far as my shelves go. So not a lot went on here, but that’s okay.

I was planning to also add a garland like I always do, but the one I have broke and I just haven’t been able to find a good replacement yet. I’ve been eyeing a few, but haven’t actually made the purchase yet. Not sure if I ever will lol.

Next up is my little folding table that I showed off during the fall as well. I actually left some fall decor there as I felt like it would work for winter, too. I got my tiny Christmas tree from Home Sense and the rest is from either Action or Casa. That big jingle bell, however, is from that rustic store. I love everything that’s on here, because nearly everything lights up and it makes my room so cozy!

I did have one garland left over from last year that didn’t break, so I put that on my bedframe along with more stringlights. I love this look later in the evening when it’s getting dark and all my lights are just sparkling all over my room. The pillow cases are from H&M which was a struggle, because they kept going out of stock online. I finally managed to snag two at like 7 in the morning. No regrets, though, because they fit my theme this year perfectly! I got new bedsheets too because I felt like green would be super pretty. And it is! The only downside is that I have to clear it of cat hair every day… Thankfully you can’t see all the hair on this picture.

Here are some pics of more random Christmas stuff!

And finally, I put some decor on my coffee table. I love having this table because it also functions as a ladder because I can’t reach the top of my shelves… Anyway, on this table you can see the Christmas lamps I got at that rustic store. I really like Christmas tree shaped things this year, as you can tell. The lamps are made of a matte-type glass, and give off a super soft glow. They’re probably my favorite piece of decor this year.

The other things on this table are all from either Casa or the Action! Except for my nutcracker friend, he is from Michael’s and is one of the few shiny decor pieces I own that I still like.

And that’s how I decorated my room for Christmas this year! I really like all my stuff, and I’m hoping I will still like this theme next year. I probably will, but you never know. Did you put up your Christmas decorations yet? What are your favorite decor pieces? Let me know!

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