The SFF Badge Collection – Part 2

Happy Saturday everyone! And happy belated new year, too. This is my first post of the year, and it comes nearly at the end of January… I don’t have an excuse other than that I was too lazy to write anything. I seem to have these lazy phases quite often…

But lazy or not, I do want to show you the rest of the books I read for the SFF Badge Collection! You may remember that nearly a month ago I posted part one, which you can find here.badge collection badge collection badge collection

Just like last time, I’ll tell you which book I read for each badge and tell you a little about them!

P.S: If you’re reading this on your phone, this post will look a lot better in landscape mode!

The Animal Companion Badge

The Clockwork Ghost

The Clockwork Ghost

By Laura Ruby

Animal Companion Badge

To collect this badge I had to read a book featuring an animal companion. I actually have quite a few unread books on my shelves that should feature an animal companion, but I settled on reading the Clockwork Ghost. This middle grade is the sequel to The Shadow Cipher, which I read all the way back in 2017. The animal companion in this book is actually a large cat, which I always imagined as a Savannah cat!

The Big ‘un Badge

Ashes of the Sun

Ashes of the Sun

By Django Wexler

Big Un Badge

I surprisingly had my choice of books to put down for this badge. I’ve read an oddly large amount of books over 600 pages last year. Normally I’m not too great at actually finishing them… But anyway, for this badge you had to read a book over 600 pages. Ashes of the Sun just about make that, so the badge is mine! This book was one of the top ones I read last year, and I’m so sad that the paperback of the sequel doesn’t come out until July. That’s seriously so far away!

The Asian Inspiration Badge

The Poppy War

The Poppy War

By R.F. Kuang

Asian Inspiration Badge

This badge speaks for itself. The Poppy War was one of the first books I finished last year, so this badge was quickly earned. Funnily enough, I read a bunch more books either set in real world Asia or a fantasy land inspired by it. And I have a bunch more on my TBR too… I haven’t yet continued with the Poppy War series, though. I enjoyed the book but also have not been in the mood to pick up the sequel yet for some reason.

The Uncovered Diamond Badge

Lovely, Dark and Deep

Lovely, Dark and Deep

By Claudia Cain

Uncovered Diamond Badge

In order to claim this badge, I had to read a book that had less than 100 reviews on Goodreads at the time of reading. Luckily for me, I was able to read an early copy of Lovely, Dark and Deep last fall. So no way that was going to have more than 100 reviews. This was the perfect book to read during the fall season, and I’m excited for more news about book 2. For now, you can read my review of this book here!

The Dragon Badge

The Shadow of the Gods

The Shadow of the Gods

By John Gwynne

Dragon Badge

Here’s another one that speaks for itself: read a book featuring a dragon. Though, I do believe that The Shadow of the Gods is the only book I read last year that has a dragon. So perhaps I need more dragons in my life? Anyway, the dragon in this book actually doesn’t show up for a very long time, but I’m thinking that the sequel will feature a lot more angry dragon god. And probably other angry gods, too.

The Big Screen Badge

Abaddon's Gate

Abaddon’s Gate

By James S.A. Corey

Big Screen Badge

To collect this badge I had to read a book which has been adapted for TV or film. I felt like the Expanse was a good bet, even though I have never actually watched the show. This was the third book in the series, and though it wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t my fav. The side characters didn’t necessarily do it for me. I read the fourth book, Cibola Burn, last week and I liked that one better. Even though the side characters were extremely annoying lol.

The Sea Setting Badge

The Devil and the Dark Water

The Devil and the Dark Water

By Stuart Turton

Sea Setting Badge

I actually put down Red Seas Under Red Skies for this badge at first, but The Devil and the Dark Water has more sea. This is Turton’s second book, and I really liked it. His books kind of combine multiple genres in one book. For the most part, it will be a mystery, but there are also elements of fantasy and science fiction. For a book that is nearly 100% set at sea, it was actually really engaging and I never felt bored reading it.

The Standalone Badge

Winter's Orbit

Winter’s Orbit

By Everina Maxwell

Standalone Badge

I have read very little standalones last year. They can be lots of fun to read in between, but I tend to gravitate toward series. But, one standalone I did enjoy was Winter’s Orbit. This sci-fi took a different approach to the story than I’m used to, but in the end I liked it. It was a lot more about politics and the relationship between Kiem and Jainan than about classic sci-fi action. But I enjoy a good character-driven novel every now and then.

The Post-Apocalyptic Badge

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

Post Apocalyptic Badge

Last year I suddenly felt in the mood to reread the Hunger Games, so I did. They hold up surprisingly well and I think I liked them better the second time around. It is also the only dystopian/post-apocalypse-esque series I read all year, so it was my only chance to get this badge. I also purchased The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, but so far haven’t been bothered yet to actually read it. At least it somewhat matches my copies of the Hunger Games, though…

The Collector 2021 Badge

The Map of Stars

The Map of Stars

By Laura Ruby

collector's 2021 Badge

I’m ending this post with the same series I started it with! In order to claim the Collector Badge, I needed to collect all other badges and then read one more book, any book. That book just so happened to be The Map of Stars, the final book in the York series. A lot went on in this book, and I greatly enjoyed it. There are some 2016-2020 easter eggs in there that many an adult (and some very observant children) will probably chuckle about. Though I did wish the last few chapters of the book were a little longer, with a little bit more explanation.

And that was it for my 2021 SFF Badge Collection! I loved taking part in this challenge, and I don’t think I read a single bad book while doing so. Have you read any of the books I mentioned in this post? Let me know what you thought of them!


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