The Queen of Nothing Review

The Queen of Nothing was one of my most anticipated releases for this year, so as soon as I got my hands on a copy I sped through it. That ending in The Wicked King really left us with questions, and I needed them answered ASAP! This review will contain some spoilers, so best not read it if you haven’t finished the book yet!

Things I disliked

To be honest, my review for The Queen of Nothing will probably be one of my most conflicting reviews to date. On the one hand I really did enjoy it! But on the other hand I feel like this book compared to the others was just too… cute?

I feel like Jude was being regular old Jude like we know her from the previous books, so no issues there. But I thought the change in Cardan was very sudden. I expected a little more trickery and snark on his part. Maybe also a little more presence, because I don’t think he came up in the book all that much.

I also find it impressive that no one in the book dies. Sounds kind of harsh, but I’m used to one character per book dying a miserable death and so I expect it. One big thing that was missing in this book for me is that I never really was afraid for any character.

Things I liked

It now kind of sounds like I didn’t enjoy the book, but I did! So here are some things I really liked.

Jude and Cardan are a power couple and I’m here for it. I said earlier that I found Cardan’s change in demeanor so sudden, but I really did enjoy this new version of him. We meet some new characters, and my favorite is Grima Mog. I also love the little mortal tidbits and expressions spread throughout the book that confuse everyone in Faerie.

The verdict

I think the best way to encapsulate my feelings for this book is that it kind of reads like a regular fairy tale, but longer. The fairy tales of old have the tendency to leave things out. Things just happen, but we don’t get an explanation as to why and how. I feel like this is kind of what happened in The Queen of Nothing, which I thought was a bummer. It could’ve used a bit more plot and depth. But overall I did enjoy the story line, and I still really love this series.

Now comes the time to rate this book. This is the hardest part for me because I can’t make up my mind! I want to give it four stars, but I feel like I”m not blown away enough by this book to justify it. I think I will have to settle for 3.5 stars today.


Did you enjoy the Queen of Nothing? Do you agree with my feelings about it or do you have a completely different view? Let me know!

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