The Books I want to Read in April

It’s already almost April! Honestly, my reading sucked in March… I think I finished ONE book. Quite a contrast with the seven I finished in Februari. Anyway, now that I’m temporarily back home, I have a lot more books to my disposal, so here’s a list of the ones I want to read!

Chain of Gold – Cassandra Clare

I’m technically reading this one now, but I’m only 100 pages in. Ain’t no way I’m finishing this one before the end of March! So far I’m enjoying the book, though. Hopefully I’ll finish it the first week of April!

The Unspoken Name – A.K. Larkwood

This book made it on my February Most Anticipated Releases post. It kind of flew under the radar for me until I stumbled upon it on Goodreads. But the blurb made it sound so interesting! I really want to read this book soon, and hopefully I’ll be able to let you know what my thoughts were as soon as possible.

Bloodwitch – Susan Dennard

This book has been on my TBR for so long, it’s ridiculous. I will definitely need to read a summary of the previous two books, because I think I have forgotten everything about this series! Either way, it’s time I finally read it.

The Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson

I’ve been meaning to read this book for so long. I love all the other Sanderson books I’ve read, and I just know I will love this book too. It’s just so…. big. I always feel bad reading big books because it takes me so long to finish them. But now it’s time I get over myself and actually read it!

And that’s all for now! Who knows if I’ll actually end up reading all of these books, but I’m certainly going to try. What’s on your TBR for April?

Cover image by Isabela Kronemberger via Unsplash

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