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Happy Monday book friends! I finally found some time to blog again. I was tagged in this tag ages ago (okay, two weeks), and here I am finally doing it! I also have some uni news to share, but I’ll tell you all about that probably next week.

I’ve actually done this tag before (at least, I think it is the same), so if you’re interested in which questions I asked back then, you can find it here! I was tagged by Solara @ Plaid Reader Reviews! Here are the rules for this tag:would you rather

– Answer the questions given by your nominator,
– Then make up your own ones and tag others!

So I’ll be answering the questions first, and then at the bottom of this post you’ll find the ones I made up myself!

1 – Would you rather have a five star book with a cliffhanger, or a three star book that resolves everything?

I feel like I might be in the minority with this one, but I actually really love cliffhangers. Of course, the rest of the book has to be good too. It shouldn’t be the only thing enticing me to read the next book. But, I just like them! So of course my answer is – five star book with a cliffhanger!

2 – Would you rather go to the future or the past to grab a book for your collection?

I’d probably go to the past. Imagine how cool my library would be if I had rare first editions of classic works! I’d never read them, probably, but they’d look cool on my shelves! I’m generally a patient person, and feel like I can wait a couple of month for my next favorite book to come out.

3 – Would you rather have a sympathetic villain one that is evil for evil’s sake?

Hmm this one is hard, because I tend to like both. The sympathetic villain is always so easy to love. But then evil one is often so complex and interesting to read about! I think I’ll go with evil for evil’s sake.

4 – Would you rather have a perfect Instagram setup or enough posts for another platform (blog, Twitter, etc.) you never have to worry?

As someone who started on Bookstagram, I’d probably choose the first option! Setting up stuff for Bookstagram often takes quite some time, especially if I plan to take multiple pictures in one session. But I’m pretty quick at writing blog posts, and I hardly ever worry about any of my other platforms. In fact, I tweet whatever comes to mind in the moment! So for this question I’m going for a e s t h e t i c s.

5 – Would you rather be limited to your favorite genre or banned from your favorite genre (and allowed to read everything else)?

Eh, I already almost exclusively read fantasy, so I’d probably limit myself to just that genre. I’d have to say good bye to science fiction, probably, but luckily for me sometimes they overlap. And fantasy has lots of sub-genres as well, so I think I’ll be satisfied reading just that!

6 – Would you rather be stuck with only digital or only physical books?

I’m gonna say physical! I love my e-reader and how handy it is to travel with, but I also just love holding a book. Turning the pages. …Smelling them… A fun fact: I accidentally destroyed my first e-reader by dropping it in my ramen. Don’t eat and read, friends.

7 – Would you rather give up your favorite food for a year, or be able to read/listen at double speed?

I think this is an “in order to” question. I think I can live with giving up my favorite food in order to be able to read or listen at double speed. Imagine how much faster I’d get my uni work done! Besides, my favorite food is sushi, which is kinda expensive so I already don’t eat it a lot anyway.

8 – Would you rather see an aspect of yourself that hasn’t been published much in print or be the one to write the novel that focuses on that subject?

I am honestly not that creative. Which I guess is kind of weird because of all my hobbies? But, I think it would be fun to see an aspect of myself written through someone else’s eyes. Although I absolutely cannot think of an aspect of myself that a) isn’t already in print, and b) is actually interesting to read about, lol.

9 – Would you rather build a magical world from scratch or write a contemporary novel?

I literally just said I’m not creative, but I would love to create a magical world from scratch! I don’t read a lot of contemporary, and though I enjoy urban fantasies, completely fictional worlds are my favorite! The amount of work and creativity that goes into making a whole new world always astounds me.

10 – Would you prefer to read only Middle Grade or only YA?

For this one I’m going with YA! I love middle grade because of its cuteness, and because sometimes it makes me feel nostalgic for simpler times. But I love YA because of its heavier topics, and sometimes the romance! Nothing better than being single forever because your standards are too high thanks to too perfect book boyfriends…

My own questions!

Would you rather…

  1. Live in your favorite book, or have your favorite character be real?
  2. Read only short books or read only long books?
  3. Never be able to keep books, or never be able to give them away?
  4. Have magical powers or live in a future sci-fi world?
  5. Accidentally crack the spine or fold the pages of a book?
  6. Only read at home or only read away from home?
  7. Have floor to ceiling shelves with a ladder, or a secret door in your library?
  8. Never go to the library or never go to the book store again?
  9. Read a book with a great plot, but annoying characters, or mediocre plot with great character?
  10. Wait years until a series is complete and then binge read it, or read one book each time and wait one year for the next one to come out?

That’s it for the Would You Rather Book Tag! I had lots of fun answering the questions Solara came up with, and creating my own! I hope everyone can choose, hihi.

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  1. December 7, 2020 / 4:37 pm

    Loved your answers and your new questions can’t wait to see what people’s answers are to them.

    • simonevanheijst
      December 8, 2020 / 3:37 pm

      I’m glad you liked them! Thanks again for the tag😊

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