Tackling That TBR: My Reading Challenge Jar

So I thought I’d try something new. I love TBR jars, but those things don’t work for me because my brain just goes: “but I can just ignore what this paper says.” So, I decided, why not make it a challenge? Challenges feel a lot more fulfilling to complete, after all!

A long time ago I made a TBR jar, but anytime I didn’t like the book I grabbed out of it, I would just put it back and pick another. What’s even the point of having a TBR jar then? I don’t know about you guys, but my brain enjoys some challenge and a little competition. Even if the competition is with myself. So, I decided to up my TBR jar game, and make a reading challenge jar instead! I saw this idea when I was browsing for blog ideas.

Here’s what went inside…

  • Read a book with a purple cover
  • Read a book about magic
  • Read a book set in space
  • Read a book with a single word as a title
  • Read a book with a human on the cover
  • Read your latest unread purchase
  • Read a paperback book
  • Read a book outside your normal genre
  • Read a book with romance
  • Counting from left to right, read the tenth unread book on your shelf
  • Read a book that follows the “a *blank* of *blank* and *blank* title format
  • Read a book of an author you haven’t read before
  • Read the 17th unread book on your e-reader
  • Read a book set in the contemporary world
  • Read a book set in the past
  • Read a book with a black cover
  • Read a hardcover book
  • Read a new release
  • Read a book that came out five years ago
  • Read the book that’s been on your TBR the longest
  • Let your social media followers pick a book

I think that’s enough challenge for now! Of course, these can all be adjusted to fit your own TBR! Would you make your own reading challenge jar? What challenges would you put inside?

Want to know what’s on my TBR? Check it out here!

Cover Image by Aubrey Rose Odom

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