Shadow and Crow: a review

You will remember that a few months ago I posted a review of Silver and Bone by Claudia Cain, which I ended up liking so much, that I read it in two days and decided I needed the sequel, Smoke and Mirrors immediately after. Like in a way that you can’t continue living if you don’t have the next book right now.

So when Claudia asked me to read and review the third and final book, Shadow and Crow, I obviously said yes. It came out today, Friday 13th, which is a great day to publish a book about vampires and other supernatural creatures, honestly.

Here is the synopsis:

Tick. Tock.

Jennifer Jones is no stranger to trouble. She’s been framed for murder, hunted by the government, and just stopped a sorcerer from summoning murderous entities. By now, trouble is an old friend.
But there is always something worse to come. Something smarter. Something darker.
For the first time in three hundred years, Jennifer might be outmatched.
And as shadows gather and events draw towards a cataclysmic close, she can’t ignore the curse that now plagues her – or the fact that she’s rapidly running out of time.

The story continues right where the second book left off, and like always, the pacing is immediately good. There are no moments in the book where reading gets dull, and nothing really happens, because there is always something happening.

What I really liked about all these book really, is that even the small details get addressed. Too often, authors leave things in the open, and there are small plot holes. Not the case with these books. Even better, things that happened in the first and second book are still relevant and talked about in the third.
I also really like the writing style; it is modern and really gripped me into the story. The characters have become even more likable, and I can definitely see character development throughout all the books.

Now the ending.

This is where this review gets tricky, because I don’t know how to properly address it without spoiling it a little for everyone.

But I will say this: the ending was good and realistic. As a reviewer, I like these types of endings, because they leave nothing in the open. It is a great way to end a trilogy.

However, as a reader I may have cried a little.

That’s it. That’s all I’ll say about it.

In short, Shadow and Crow was a great book, and a great end to this series. I hope more people pick it up, because I could not stop reading and I guess that’s saying something.

All of them are available to purchase as an e-book copy on Amazon!

Rating: 5/5

I have been giving a free e-book copy of Shadow and Crow, in return for an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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