Revamping my love for vampires: A review for Silver and Bone

A little over a week ago New Zealand based author Claudia Cain contacted me if I wanted to read her urban fantasy novel, Silver and Bone. It doesn’t always look like it, but I generally really enjoy a good urban fantasy book. Luckily for me, this one did not disappoint.

Synopsis right below:

Jennifer Jones is trying to be a better person.
It’s not easy. She has a lot to make up for, considering that she’s an immortal blood-sucker with a history of serial killing. But at least she probably can’t get worse.
And for the last seventy years, things have been going well. She’s got a job, friends she cares about, a steady relationship, and she hasn’t killed a single human. 
But something dark is on the horizon. A body appears in an alley, bringing up unsettling memories. A Necromancer warns of an approaching menace, and as more and more bodies begin to appear, repeating a very familiar pattern, Jennifer finds herself being framed for murder.
Someone is out for revenge, and they’re willing to kill to get it.
You might be able to ignore your past, but you can’t outrun it, and Jennifer’s has just caught up to her.

There are a lot of things I like about this book. The first is that it jumps right into the action. There is not a single moment that this book has you feeling bored. Second, there is a good amount of sarcasm and wit, and since sarcasm is my third language, I was often actually laughing out loud.

I also think the flashbacks into the past were really well done. Of course we know our main vampire has a bloody history, but the details are pretty vague. The timing of the flashbacks always fit perfectly into the progress of the story.
Like I said, it is fast-paced and jam-packed with action. This book had me reading well into the night, because I just kept wanting to know what would happen next!

There are more things I loved about this book. One of them is that despite the fact that a vampire is our main character, it is not thrown into your face every chapter. Yes, there are basic needs a vampire needs to attend to, but in the end of the day Jennifer is just a vampire trying to not get locked up for murders she did not commit (this time). I also really enjoyed the inclusion of other creatures, like the Fae and werewolves. I have never read a book that included necromancers, so that was refreshing. Also, necromancers are now decidedly creepy. I think that I felt about each character exactly the way Claudia Cain wanted me to feel about them. Some are easy to love, and some are easy to hate.

Claudia Cain is also not afraid to make tough decisions, which is pretty rare in a first book in a series. It was not so good for my mood yesterday night when I finished the book, but that is honestly a good thing. It made me want to read the next book, Smoke and Mirrors, immediately!

In all, this was a very refreshing take on a genre that has been done a lot. I thought it was in no way cliché, and really enjoyable. I definitely hope to see more of Claudia Cain in the future. If this book sounds like something you would enjoy, please consider supporting Claudia by buying her books! They are both on Amazon!


*****All opinions and ideas in this review are entirely my own*****
*****I was not asked to promote these books, but I’m doing it anyway***** 



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