Shadow and Crow: a review

You will remember that a few months ago I posted a review of Silver and Bone by Claudia Cain, which I ended up liking so much, that I read it in two days and decided I needed the sequel, Smoke and Mirrors immediately after. Like in a way that you can’t continue living if you don’t have the next book right now. So when Claudia asked me to read and review the third and final book, Shadow and Crow, I obviously said yes. It came out today, Friday 13th, which is a great day to publish a book about vampires… View Post

Review: The Movement by Samantha Armstrong

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Koruhouse Press, asking if I was interested in reading and reviewing Samantha Armstrong’s first installment in her new dystopian trilogy: The Movement. Of course I said yes because I love dystopian books and the good people on Goodreads seemed to have really enjoyed it. The book came out very recently; on April 3, 2018. Read the synopsis below: A century after the Vermune virus devastated Earth’s population, all that remains of North America is a society segregated into two precincts: the Northerners who produce the Antidote, and the Southerners who are enslaved… View Post

Why you should go to Bookcon 2018

It is almost time for the annual Bookcon in New York City! It is being held on June 2 & 3, and there are a ton of reasons why you should go. The first reason you should go is because you get to hang out in NYC, duh. New York unfortunately is not around the corner for everyone, and even if it is, getting there can get tricky. I always recommend checking out bus services like Greyhound or BestBus! I took BestBus last time and only paid $30 for a round trip. And the bus even had Wi-fi! Even better,… View Post

Getting over a Book Hangover

I think we all suffer from it. Every now and then you read a book that just sucks you right in and then doesn’t let you go. All you want to do is go back into that world, and reading anything else is just pointless. So instead, you just don’t read anything at all. I am talking about the dreaded… book hangover. Getting over a bookhangover can be difficult. Sometimes, you don’t read anything for weeks because there’s just nothing that compares to what you’ve just finished reading. Luckily, I have some tips for you that have worked for me… View Post

Revamping my love for vampires: A review for Silver and Bone

A little over a week ago New Zealand based author Claudia Cain contacted me if I wanted to read her urban fantasy novel, Silver and Bone. It doesn’t always look like it, but I generally really enjoy a good urban fantasy book. Luckily for me, this one did not disappoint. Synopsis right below: Jennifer Jones is trying to be a better person. It’s not easy. She has a lot to make up for, considering that she’s an immortal blood-sucker with a history of serial killing. But at least she probably can’t get worse. And for the last seventy years, things… View Post