Revamping my love for vampires: A review for Silver and Bone

A little over a week ago New Zealand based author Claudia Cain contacted me if I wanted to read her urban fantasy novel, Silver and Bone. It doesn’t always look like it, but I generally really enjoy a good urban fantasy book. Luckily for me, this one did not disappoint. Synopsis right below: Jennifer Jones is trying to be a better person. It’s not easy. She has a lot to make up for, considering that she’s an immortal blood-sucker with a history of serial killing. But at least she probably can’t get worse. And for the last seventy years, things… View Post

My most anticipated reads for 2018

As the saying goes, new year, new releases! There are quite some books coming up that will conclude series, which is equally exciting and terrifying. Here is my list of my most anticipated releases of 2018. !!WARNING: this list might contain slight spoilers if you haven’t caught up yet with: all Throne of Glass books, The Dark Artifices, and all Red Queen books. One of those books is of course TOG7, which is still untitled and doesn’t have a cover yet. The expected date of release is September 4. There isn’t even a synopsis yet, so I feel totally left… View Post

My year in books

The year is almost at its end, and what a year it has been! In my life outside the books I graduated for my Associates Degree and transferred to a four-year university! This was quite a change, but I’m loving every moment of it. Okay, maybe not so much the studying and the homework. In terms of reading, I had a really good reading year. I received my working permit, which allowed me to actually get paid for my work, which in turn allowed me to buy more books, yay! Aside from that, I also had a ridiculous amount of… View Post

November/December Book Haul

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately, you know I kind of went crazy with the book buying this past month. In total I bought a whopping twenty-four new books. This is totally not what my book hauls normally look like; I think buying three books a month can already be quite a lot, being a poor college student and all. BUT. SALES, PEOPLE. I love sales. Especially Black Friday sales. Businesses go crazy with their sales. We don’t see this kind of stuff where I come from. “Oh you want a good deal? Too bad. Best we can do… View Post

It’s a new blog!

Hello readers! Ever since starting my Bookstagram account I have wanted to make it more about the books instead of just the photography and me rambling about my day. I would’ve liked to include reviews as well, but let’s face it, an iPhone isn’t the best for typing out entire texts. So I finally bit the bullet and started this blog! I won’t post reviews exclusively though, you can expect me to talk about basically anything bookish! If you have read my about section, you know that I am a girl from The Netherlands. However, I have decided to post entirely in… View Post