Owlcrate Limited Edition the World of Caraval Unboxing

Hello lovely readers!

If you follow me on Bookstagram you know that my lovely friend Kristel (@kristellreads) gifted me the Limited Edition World of Caraval Owlcrate box for my upcoming graduation!

It’s actually a funny story, because she first asked if I wanted to share the box, since she is coming to visit me next week anyway. So she ordered it and had it shipped to my house. When it was time for me to open the box, she asked me which items I liked best. That’s when she surprised me and said that the entire thing would be mine! I still get excited every time I think about it.

Anyway, I decided to post a little bit more details on what was in the box. Also because Instagram completely ruins the quality of your photos when you post multiple photos in one post.. (why must you betray us like this, Instagram??)

First, here is a detail shot of a few of the playing cards that were included. This deck is probably my favorite item from the entire box! All the cards are a shiny black, and have gold sprayed edges. They are also amazing quality, as they do not feel papery at all! In fact, I think if I throw one hard enough I could accidentally cut someone..

All the Jacks, Queens and Kings have character art on them from different artists. I chose one card from each artist for this picture, and they are by Gina from @darkandbeautifulart, Nicole from @nicole.deal.art, Diana from @dianadworak, and Salome from @morgana0anagrom. The cards themselves are designed by Michelle from @themichellegray.

Here is some more beautiful character art of Tella and Dante and Scarlett and Julian! These prints were designed by Melanie from @meliescribbles. I really love receiving character art, because I’ve started putting them up on my wall!

Here you can see what else was in the box. In the front is the packaging from the Deck of Destiny cards, with behind that a super cute metal box made by Stella from @stellabookishart. The enamel pin was designed by Alchemy and Ink (@alchemyandink).

Of course, the special edition final copy of Finale is in here as well! I love the colors that they used, and I can’t wait to dive in after I finish my current read.

I forgot to take a good detail shot of the candle, bath bomb, pillow case and tote bag, but you can see them all in this picture. The bath bomb smells incredible, and when I opened the box the scents almost attacked me. When I use this, I know I will smell good for days! It was designed by Leeloo’s (@leeloosoap).

The candle by Rose & Adder (@roseandadder) smells amazing too! It also has large chunks of glitter, which I love.

The pillow case was designed by Catarina from @catarinabookdesigns. I need to get some new pillows soon, so I can actually use it..

Lastly, the tote bag was designed by Evie from @eviebookish. I absolutely love tote bags and use them all the time. I have another one from a different subscription box that I use quite often. I even already have an outfit that will match this bag!

And that’s the entire box! I love every item, and can’t wait to actually read Finale.

Did you get Finale yet? Have you maybe already finished reading it? (I envy those who have time to read a book in three days) Let me know in the comments what you thought! (But without spoilers please)

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