My Holiday Bucket List

It’s time to make my holiday bucket list for this December. There are a couple of things I’d really like to try and do this month, and I hope I get to cross off everything on this list!

Try out all the outdoor ice skating rinks

Some of you may know that I love figure skating. I’ve been actively practicing my somewhat graceful moves since I was 16! I love going to a good outdoor rink; they’re so festive! For this holiday bucket list, I want to try out as many as possible. Luckily Washington D.C. has quite a few to offer!

Go to Enchant Christmas DC

Enchant Christmas DC is going to be a big event that features a light maze, an ice skating trail, a Christmas market, and more! This sounds like an ad, but I swear it is not. I’m just excited. Especially the ice skating trail sounds intriguing!

Try out a new recipe

I haven’t tried out anything new the past couple of month, so it’s high time that I do! I’m not sure yet if I’ll be baking or cooking, but either way, there will be a blog post about it.

Set up and decorate my Christmas tree

Okay, this sounds a little predictable, but I haven’t been happy with my Christmas tree since forever. I don’t like my ornaments, and my tree is about as old as I am, so it’s looking a little sad right now. Two years ago, I did something crazy and spray-painted a huge branch from our backyard white and hung it from the ceiling in my room. It looked fantastic, but unfortunately my current landlords won’t be happy if I start drilling holes in the ceiling.

Attend some cool holiday parties

I’m sorta cheating with this one, because I already know I’m attending at least… three. On 7 December, we have our catch-up Thanksgiving dinner with a very large group of people, and later in the month I have a ugly Christmas sweater party! Not to mention there will also be a new year’s party as well… I’m excited for all the celebrating, though!

Make a snowman

This one is really dependent on how much snow we’ll get… if any. But it’s been so long that I’ve actually played around in the snow! Just because I’m an adult, doesn’t mean I have to grow up.:) As soon as there is a nice layer of sticky snow, I will be outside making a snowman.

Is there anything on your holiday bucket list this year? Let me know!

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