My Favorite Fall Scents

I went to Bath & Body Work yesterday, which is always a great day for me, but a horrible day for my wallet. I might have a slight addiction, since I own 29 body mists alone… And 22 of those are full size! But for some reason I didn’t have any big candles from them yet, so when I went yesterday it was my goal to buy a nice fall candle. While sniffing literally everything in the store, I decided I should make a post about my favorite candle scents!

First off, shopping for candles during the holiday seasons is really hard for me. It’s that time of year where every candle smells like food. I hate food scents. Bath & Body Works, and countless other companies, always make candles that smell like seasonal food, like pumpkin spice, gingerbread, vanilla, apple pie… and every year I still hate them. And yet every year I smell them to see if something has changed.

My personal preference goes out to fresh and woodsy scents. I love pine, bergamot, patchouli… those kind of scents. So my goal for my fall candle was definitely something that would remind me of the outdoors instead of the indoors.

The candle I bought in the end is called sweater weather and it has notes of fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus, and fresh woods. I immediately burned it when I got home, and my room smells so good now! Of course, this wasn’t the only candle I considered. Another one I really liked was frosted cranberry. This one has notes of cranberries, peach, and raspberries. I realize I said I don’t like food scents, but fruit is the only exception to that. I love fruity scents!

Fresh fall morning was also a contender to land in my shopping basket. It has notes of citrus, woodland sage, and red delicious apples. Speaking of apples, Bath & Body Works now also has a mahogany apple candle! I absolutely love the smell of mahogany, and this one smells so good! It has notes of mahogany (duh), golden delicious apple, pink peppercorn and fresh lavender. I personally don’t really associate this candle with fall, but I wanted you all to know it exists.

As I continued my smelling journey, I also found autumn woods. This one smells like dark walnut, English lavender, and white amber. And the last one that almost ended up in my basket was crisp morning air. This one has notes of a crisp fall breeze (how do you get that scent in a candle??), white oak, golden amber wood, saffron, and soft sandalwood.

So in a nutshell, I’d say the scents I like the best are:

  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Eucalyptus
  • Anything that comes from a tree, really
  • And fruity scents!

And there are my favorite fall scents! This post was not sponsored by Bath & Body Works, but if they could go ahead and sponsor me anyway, that’d be great. What are you favorite fall scents?


  1. September 17, 2019 / 1:47 pm

    Ok, lichtelijk jaloers hier! Ik wou dat we hier Bath & Bodyworks kaarsen hadden

    • simonevanheijst
      September 17, 2019 / 4:52 pm

      Ik denk dat ik ook wat inkopen moet doen daar voordat ik weer naar Nederland kom๐Ÿ™ˆ

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