My Fall Bucket List!

A lot of people have a favorite season. Some like the crisp, cold air of winter. Others like the warm, sunny days of summer. I honestly like all of the seasons! But every time a season ends, I am so ready for the next one to begin. With all the new decor already in stores, I am super excited for fall to begin! My favorite things about fall are pumpkin EVERYTHING, Halloween parties, crisp mornings, candy apples, and cozy sweaters! I decided to make a fall bucket list for this year to keep me (and maybe you?) busy the whole season!

Go to a fall fair!

We have a big farm not too far away that always transforms into a gigantic fall fest every year. There are pumpkins for sale, big and small, there is a huge playground, there are hayrides, and they have farm animals you can pet! I went last year and it was super fun and a perfect way to kick off the fall season. Each year they also hold a “biggest pumpkin” contest, and some of last year’s pumpkins were well over 300 pounds!

When it gets dark this same farm transforms into a fright fest. There are creepy people in costumes whose only objective is to scare you witless, and the hayrides are suddenly a lot more sinister. I haven’t been able to go to this part yet, but I will definitely go this year!

Pumpkin carving!

Carving pumpkins is just one of those classic American things that is simply so wholesome. I remember when I still lived in Arizona and was in first grade, we went on a field trip to the local pumpkin patch and we got to choose our own pumpkin! I think that year was the first year we ever carved a pumpkin. In The Netherlands pumpkin carving isn’t really a thing (yet?), but we’ve done it a few times. Now that we’re living in the States again we carve pumpkins every year!


I said all seasons have their merits, but that also means all seasons have their downsides. One big downside about summer is that it’s so bloody hot! I like being outside, but these hot temperatures keep me sequestered inside where there is AC. Fall is then perfect for hiking! Especially on those crisp, cool mornings when the sun is shining and you can comfortably hike a couple of miles without melting. Great Falls Park is just around the corner from us, and it’s beautiful in the fall when all the leaves change to reds and browns! Shenandoah National Park is also relatively close, so maybe I’ll make a trip over there as well!

Have a fall photoshoot!

Last year one of my good friends took a bunch of fall pictures of me, and I still love looking at them sometimes. The leaves were still very colorful, but there were also heaps of them on the ground to play with! These types of photoshoots are also the perfect occasion to show of those new fall clothes that you will definitely buy! I personally love my fall clothes a lot better than my summer clothes, which is maybe why I love the idea of a fall photoshoot so much.

Buy ALL the decor!

I am head over heels in love with how this country tackles holidays in terms of decoration. You can walk into any craft store and you’ll get slapped in the face with hundreds of seasonal decor pieces. I love going to Michael’s during the fall season and buy a bunch of cute stuff. To save my money a little, I only buy decor when it’s 50% off and I make a list of things I want to have. This year I really want some cute fall-themed pillows to put on my bed or couch! And I desperately want some creepy Halloween decor.

Need some more ideas?

  • Go apple picking
  • Make or drink cider
  • Play in the leaves (growing up is optional, ya know)
  • DIY some decorations
  • Hand out Halloween candy
  • Have a bonfire with friends
  • Make an apple or pumpkin pie
  • Pick out or make Halloween costumes
  • Make and eat a candy apple
  • Visit a corn maze
  • Watch spooky movies
  • Bake some cookies
  • Try on all your cozy sweaters
  • Buy lots of blankets
  • Get some fall scented candles

This list will certainly help me out this season! Fall has a lot to offer, but the most important thing is that you do whatever makes you happy! Drink those pumpkin spice lattes, wear comfy leggings to class, take care of yourself!

What are your favorite parts about fall?

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